From: 26/10/2017 to: 28/10/2017 9th Clinical Oncology Update - Onkologia 2017, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 02/11/2017 to: 04/11/2017 ESO-ESMO Advanced Breast Cancer Fourth International Consensus Conference (ABC4), Lisbon, Portugal                                        From: 02/12/2017 to: 04/12/2017 ESO-ESMO-RCE Clinical Update on Rare Adult Solid Cancers, Milan, Italy                                        From: 15/12/2017 to: 18/12/2017 6th Arab and Southern European Countries Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Limassol, Cyprus                                        From: 22/01/2018 to: 26/01/2018 University Post-graduate Course - Clinical Oncology: Sarcomas, Milan, Italy                                        From: 05/02/2018 to: 09/02/2018 University Post-graduate Course - Clinical Oncology: Head & neck cancers, Milan, Italy                                        From: 23/02/2018 to: 25/02/2018 3rd ESO Masterclass in Cancer Patient Advocacy , Lisbon, Portugal                                        From: 24/03/2018 to: 29/03/2018 17th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 24/03/2018 to: 29/03/2018 11th ESO-EONS Masterclass in Oncology Nursing , Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 18/04/2018 to: 22/04/2018 4th ESO-ESMO Latin-American Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Mexico City, Mexico                                        From: 17/05/2018 to: 18/05/2018 8th ESO-CNIO Familial Cancer Conference, Madrid, Spain                                        From: 18/05/2018 to: 22/05/2018 3rd Masterclass on Systematic Reviews in Cancer Care, Guidelines and Research, Belfast, United Kingdom                                        From: 15/06/2018 to: 20/06/2018 5th ESO-ESMO Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in Medical Oncology, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia                                        From: 16/06/2018 to: 21/06/2018 7th ESO-SIOP Europe Masterclass in Paediatric Oncology, Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 19/07/2018 to: 25/07/2018 ESMO-ESO Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students, Valencia, Spain                                        From: 27/08/2018 to: 07/09/2018 ESO-ESSO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students, Poznan, Poland                                        From: 20/09/2018 to: 22/09/2018 1st ESO-EONS Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in Oncology Nursing, Budapest, Hungary                                        From: 27/09/2018 to: 29/09/2018 Update Skills in Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology, Leipzig, Germany                                        From: 6/10/2018 to: 8/10/2018 4th ESO-ESMO Breast Cancer in Young Women International Conference, Lugano, Switzerland                                        From: 30/10/2018 to: 31/10/2018 10th Clinical Oncology Update - Onkologia 2018, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 10/11/2018 to: 13/11/2018 ESO-ASCO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Yerevan, Armenia



If you are interested in taking part in an ESO event and would like to know what other people have to say about their experience with ESO this page will give you some personal views from past ESO participants.

We are always keen to receive feedback so if you have participated in an ESO event please let us know how it went.

Would you like to see what the participants from the 2015 Masterclass in Clinical Oncology and Masterclass in Oncology Nursing got up to? Take a look at a Storify we created with comments and pictures.
Ahmed Saleh - Cairo, Egypt
ESO-ESSO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students (2016)
The ESTRO-ESO-ESSO multidisciplinary course in oncology was a unique experience! The course strengthened my understanding of oncology. In addition, I was looking to expand my perspectives when I applied to this course; I have never been exposed to a multidisciplinary experience in a European setting. The course, located this year in Poland, provided just that. I have always been keen on being in a setting that offers me insight into practices in different countries. Having the chance to meet other students and doctors from across the world was tremendously fulfilling.

In regards to the course core; it was an outstanding mix of didactic and clinical training over a two-week period at Poznan University of Medical Sciences and its affiliated hospitals. The course schedule was busy every day; starting with lectures in the morning, clinical rotations in the hospital at noon, research projects and a clinical case presentation in the afternoon. The course was comprehensive in nature, covering many aspects of oncology. We explored topics from the history of oncology up to the most important cancers, the standards and advances in diagnostics and integrative - conventional and alternative - care management. We also practiced clinical skills, which created an exceptional learning experience. Clinical rotations in the hospital were very engaging; they were hands-on and we saw plenty of cases in different settings (inpatient, outpatient and operating room). I found the exposure to a wide range of patients with different clinical and cultural backgrounds to be quite interesting. Clinical case presentations were interactive and stimulated us to think critically. Research projects had a palpable impact on the attendees; for instance, two of my course mates and I worked on a palliative care project. Each of us was required to work on a specific area within the project that we presented at the end of the course. Physicians and surgeons who we worked along with are eminent in their fields. I learned the most from Dr. Vermorken and Dr. Schrijvers. I had plenty of opportunities to interact with them throughout the course. Having these discussions made me appreciate the clinical and cultural diversities and reflected how varied healthcare systems affect how we approach patient care. Above all, this course compelled me to think of oncology as a potential career due to the challenging nature of this field of medicine.

In terms of the course logistics; the housing and food could not have been better! The dorm was very convenient; it was located next to the lecture hall. The food was freshly-made and there was always something for everyone. The city of Poznan, where the course was held, is small and has nice summer weather. Poznan has many touristic destinations and connected by intercity public transportation. The cities of Wroclaw and Berlin are approximately 2-4 hours away – very attractive places to spend a weekend! The Poznan tour provided was remarkable. We visited most of the city's landmark attractions that took us back in time to medieval Poznan – it was a great way to get introduced to this beautiful architectural city.

In conclusion, I have attended many courses, but I always enjoyed and had the most admiration for the ones that involved me in a “full immersion setting”, such as ESO-ESSO-ESTRO multidisciplinary oncology course. This course further piqued my interest in oncology and if asked, I would encourage my fellow colleagues to seriously consider this experience.

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Yawen Dong - Vienna, Austria
ESO-ESSO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students (2016)
This year's ESO-ESSO-ESTRO multidisciplinary course in oncology for medical students took place in the Polish metropolis Poznan, a charming and modern city in the heart of Europe. With the Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) as the partner university, we were provided with the opportunity to spend two weeks at this lively academic center, where we were encouraged to apply our learning in a theoretical as well as in a clinical setting.

Thanks to the organizers, the program was both comprehensive and educational, covering all major topics in oncology with the focus on the integrated multi-professional approach to cancer care. It incorporated plenary sessions, daily special visits to various oncology departments, case study presentations and group projects that were presented at the end of the course. Each day started with the lectures outlining the basics in oncology such as carcinogenesis, cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, the latest advances and newest thoughts in cancer research were discussed with the students, which included the pros and cons of checkpoint inhibitors or the rationale behind therapeutic vaccines for cancer, just to name a few.

Following this, a private shuttle bus took us to the affiliated hospitals of the PUMS, where we could shadow clinicians from different specialties in their daily routine work. Depending on which department we were assigned to, we were either at the outpatient clinic for the routine follow-up of cancer patients or we joined practitioners on the ward for the rounds. I personally found this session being the most inspiring part of the program because it provided a valuable insight into the clinical setting of cancer care and more importantly we were given the chance to interact with cancer patients up close. One time, we watched the intraperitoneal application of chemotherapy and discussed the advantages and limitations of this technique. Another time, we observed the bone marrow harvest procedure and talked about the recent advances in haploidentical stem cell transplantation. Not only did the doctors take time to explain the procedure they were performing, but they also shared their experiences with us and encouraged us to specialize in an oncology related discipline.

The afternoon program usually started with case study presentations. Clinicians from various specialties were present during this session and elucidated the cases from different perspectives (clinical oncology, tumor surgery, radiology). These talks were designed to enable us students to learn in a more stimulating and dynamic context. Together with the faculty, lab results were discussed, radiological abnormalities were interpreted and the optimal treatment course was elaborated for each patient's case.

After that, it was time for the group projects: We were divided into teams of 3-4 students and each one should work on a certain subject (tumor surgery, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, palliative care or cancer prevention). By the end of the course, the projects were presented and discussed with the supervisors. Without doubt, the learning effect of this session was substantial: Together with our team colleagues we did extensive research on our own and exchanged ideas among each other, which made this experience really extraordinary.

All things considered, the ESO-ESSO-ESTRO course made a lasting impression on me. By creating a link between theoretical knowledge and practical experience, it helped me understand the complexity and importance of the multidisciplinary approach in cancer treatment. Moreover, it was an exceptional opportunity to strengthen my knowledge in the field of oncology and to interact with medical students from all around the world. I would definitely recommend this course to every one who is interested in this specialty and who would like to share experiences with other international students.

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Dr. Dirk Schrijvers - Antwerp, Belgium
ESO-ESSO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students (2016)
The 10th summer course in oncology was held in Poznan, Poland from 29 August until 09 September, 2016 and I had the honor to teach and support the students during the second week.

This course was founded by the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) and supported by the European Union to encourage medical students to go into oncology disciplines and to show the participants of the course all aspects of these disciplines. To this aim, a program was developed in which the students are getting a theoretical base of oncology together with a clinical view in the clinic in the field of pediatric oncology, hematology, medical oncology, radiotherapy and surgery. They also had to prepare a group presentation on different topics in oncology (e.g. prevention, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, palliative care), which was presented during the last day before all participants of the event.

As in all previous courses, the participants came from diverse countries and regions, all with their specific backgrounds, different educations in oncology and different motivations. However, all were enthusiastic to participate in the course and its different aspects, although a few students needed some guidance in this regard.

The interaction with these young medical students is always a source of energy and good feeling to me and the presentations are a possibility to test what they have learned during the course.

I hope they part from the course with a better insight what oncology is and what we, oncology professionals, can do for our patients, not only when we are providing treatment with curative intent but also in patients with incurable disease, for which we care from diagnosis until the end of life.

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Vladislav Pisarev - Kaluga, Russian Federation
Clinical Training Centres programme (2016)
I am writing this letter with the best feeling of appreciation and gratitude for your job and your responsabilities, that you carry out with the highest standards! Because of your many great efforts many young doctors like me, have a great chance to see how their colleagues work, in different countries. This is a unique chance for a new generation of well-educated doctors not only to observe daily routine in wards, but perceive how to resolve complicated cases, which is definitely the very previous experience. Moreover, fellowship programme in Clinical Training Centres broadens the horizon for young doctors through developing of new connections with foreign specialists and helps to stay in touch with them after the education.
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Jasur Madyarov - Moscow, Russian Federation
Eurasia Course on Gastrointestinal Malignancies. Moscow, Russia (2017)
A very useful and necessary event for clinical oncologists. A large number of reports and materials makes it possible to increase their knowledge and use them in clinical practice. Communication with foreign colleagues allows you to learn new methods of treatment that are used in other countries.I want to thank ESO administration who gave us an opportunity to become a part of this interesting masterclass.
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Anton Barchuk - Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
16th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology (2017)
The event were perfectly planned and organized. It gave a great opportunity to get update on the latest advances in oncology. Lectures covered most of topics in clinical and surgical oncology as well as oncopathology and patient care Participants were offered a chance to start networking and some of the connections with fellow oncologists may last for a long time. The Masterclass is a must for all specialist who plan to continue their career in oncology.
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Guadalupe Cabrera - San Salvador, El Salvador
3rd Latin American Masterclass in Clinical Oncology (2017)
It has been amazing. A great opportunity to interact with faculty and share our experiencies in this field. Thanks to the organizers and of course the European School of Oncology
Zubair Ahmed - Lincoln, United Kingdom
3rd ESO - ESMO Breast Cancer in Young Women International Conference (BCY3) (2016)
I thoroughly enjoyed coming to this meeting.
All the topics were very relavant to the day to day practice.
The discussions after each topic were very fruitful and informative as well.
The organisation was very good and the venue was superb.
Jean-Dominique Tigaud - Bron, France
3rd ESO-ESMO Breast Cancer in Young Women International Conference (BCY3) (2016)
The programme was not clear enough wether this conference was designed for Young fellow or to experienced doctors in the field of breast cancer.
Moreover, even in the case of the funeral of a great gentleman and true chief of medicine such as Professor "name", the change of programme should have been properly annouced so that everyone has the opportunity to adapt is attendance to the meeting according to his true field of interest.
This meeting has been very disapointing to me, probably mainly beceause the target was not clear : teaching students or make sharing experience of breast cancer specialists

(Note from ESO: The change in the programme was communicated in the conference room. According to the participants’ preliminary evaluation on whether the learning outcomes were met: The information was useful and relevant to your work and practice techniques: strongly agree 46, agree 62, neutral 8, disagree 1, strongly disagree 0).
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Nina Petkova - Sofia, Bulgaria
ESNM-ESO Learning Course on 18FDG PET-CT in Lymphoma,15 - 16/04/2016, Vienna, Austria (2016)
I am an oncohematologist in a Hematology Clinic at a University Hospital and the vast majority of patients in our Clinic are hospitalized for diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma.

The participation in the ESNM-ESO Learning Course on 18FDG PET-CT in Lymphoma (15 - 16/04/2016, Vienna, Austria) contributed to my work as a hematologist with indispensable up-to-date knowledge in interpreting PET-CT findings and using these data in the staging and treatment of lymphoma patients.

My special thanks to ESNM and ESO for this PET-CT Learning Course!
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Gerd Graffunder - Berlin, Germany
ABC3 Lisbon (2015)
I think that this summit on advanced breast cancer is very important, because we learn how to make life for our patients maybe a little easier. There are so many talks about early breastcancer today, but challange is to treat abc. Hope I can join the ABC4.
Nidhi Sibal - Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Breast Cancer Screening Conference (2015)
I recently attended the three day conference. Most of the topics were very well presented, well organised programme.
Miaad Al-Attar - Leicester, United Kingdom
Breast Cancer Screening conference (2015)
Very good meeting, hot topics discussed.
Highly organised. Dublin is a lovely city.
Ibraheem. Mu'azzam Tunau - Clonsilla D15, Ireland
Breast Cancer Screening Conference (2015)
Well organised, well attended and quality speakers
Michelle Lewington - Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom
8th ESO-EONS Masterclass in Clinical Oncology (2015)
I felt so honoured to be chosen to attend this educational event. On arrival I was struck by the vast range of participants who had attended. The five days in Ermatingen enabled me to unreservedly question how I practice and why I practice in the way that I do. I feel enriched by the learning experience not only in the classroom but from the many different participants that I spoke to. We were all there with the common goal of wanting to improve ourselves, our knowlegde for better patient outcomes and experiences. The Wolfsberg Conference Centre provided the perfect back drop for long days of lectures, relaxation, fantastic food and networking opportunities. I have comeback enriched with the experience and wanting to change my practice to make things better. Thank you ESO for allowing me to be part of this truly unique, career changing experience. Michelle Lewington AOS/CUP/Sarcoma Clinical Nurse Specialist, United Kingdom
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Anastasios Sofiadis - Solna, Sweden
14th ESMO-ESO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology (2015)
This was a very much appreciated course which provided us with a concise, yet thorough, summary of the main fields of clinical oncology. The programme is intense, but the joy and satisfaction once you've made it is of no precedence. Besides the scientific part, this course was excellent organised in a venue that inspired calmness and peace in between all those hours of intensive knowledge intake! Last, but not least, this was a great opportunity for meeting colleagues from other countries, networking in view of future collaborations and discussing differences and similarities in cancer care between different parts of the world. All in all...highly recommended!
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Trinanjan Basu - Haryana, India
ESO-ESTRO Masterclass in Radiation Oncology (2014)
As a sole participant from India, I was initially quite apprehensive when got chosen for this masterclass. When I reached there at Cascais the breathtaking beauty of the place as well as the nature and rich quality of the programme slowly took all my tension away. The format of the masterclass was excellent with highly interactive sessions, critical inputs from fellow colleagues and more and more of miniature talks by the participants only. Towards the end of that intensive 5 days course I was actually wanting more. The course not only broadened my ideas but also could bring out the best in me which probably I was also not aware of. Besides academics the arrangements and entertainments were taken care of with utmost precision by ESO-ESTRO authorities. I would conclude and recommend the course to everyone dealing with cancer care and in future would love to be a part of similar masterclass. Obrigado Portugal.
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Osama El-damshety - Mansoura, Egypt
Refresher Course on Breast Cancer (2014)
The course was greatly beneficial with updated information. Thanks to the team of lecturers who gave us this updated information.
Ramon Andrade Bezerra de Mello - Porto, Portugal
13th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology (2014)
The Masterclass course is a great opportunity to young oncologists who can acquire an interesting and valuable knowledge in order to improve the quality of cancer patient care. It was a 5-day , full immersion schedule, which brought the participants the wonderful opportunity to be in touch with the current key leaders in all oncology fields. During the course, we could talk with our tutors, make pertinent questions, clarify some doubts in our clinical practice and mainly change experiences with colleagues of a vast number of countries and institutions. This course was fantastic and has overcome my expectations. In addition, the Masterclass course makes an important overview of the main medical oncology issues and is a very useful tool in order to help us to preparation for ESMO examination.
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Tania Fleitas Kanonnikoff - Valencia, Spain
13th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology (2014)
It's the best course in oncology that I have ever attended. An excellent panel of experts reviewed the most important issues in oncology. It was a good opportunity to share experiences with other colleagues, and discuss doubts. Congratulations for the organizing committee, everything was planned with perfection. The convention centre was a charming place. I recommend this Masterclass to oncologists who have completed residency, with a few years of experience.
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Keegan Niamh - Dublin, Ireland
13th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology (2014)
The 2014 ESO Masterclass was a privilege, an opportunity and an inspiration. Highly respected experts gave excellent overviews, distilling their specialty into concise lectures of the salient points, trials, controversies and the potential future directions of their own practice. These lectures were interwoven with tumour board panels and small group discussions facilitated by experts.
It was a joy to connect and share viewpoints with colleagues practicing across Europe and it was particularly encouraging to meet with some of the speakers, who took time to offer guidance and career counseling to participants.
All in all, in a positive and collaborative atmosphere, the Masterclass served to consolidate my comprehension of current best international practice, opened my perspective on the possibilities of further learning and research, built links across the continent and made me feel a proud member of a specialty and community that is committed to learning and constantly pushing to deepen understanding.
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Atara Ntekim - Ibadan, Nigeria
13th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology (2014)
It was a golden opportunity to participate in the Masterclass program. It was quite fulfilling listening to and interacting with international leaders in the various subspecialties in the field of oncology. Most of the facilitators are involved in producing current guidelines for the management of various cancer related topics.
The lectures provided up-to-date information on the management of various disease sites backed with extensive current clinical trials’ data.
The organization, the venue and the hospitality were excellent and the event was devoid of any commercial bias.

I had the opportunity to learn about the state of oncology practice in various regions and also interacted with colleagues from other countries with possibilities for networking.
The experience from the program has improved by clinical oncology judgments and practice and has provided good resources and impetus for my oncology research career.
I am grateful to the organizers for selecting me to be part of the program.
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