From: 26/04/2017 to: 30/04/2017 3rd ESO-ESMO Latin-American Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, San Jose, Costa Rica                                        From: 7/05/2017 to: 7/05/2017 4th ESO Lung Cancer Observatory, Geneva, Switzerland                                        From: 18/05/2017 to: 19/05/2017 Eurasia Course on Gastrointestinal Malignancies, Moscow, Russian Federation                                        From: 22/05/2017 to: 26/05/2017 3rd ESOP-ESO Advanced Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy, Lisbon, Portugal                                        From: 26/05/2017 to: 27/05/2017 ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands                                        From: 10/06/2017 to: 13/06/2017 Leukaemia and Lymphoma, Ascona, Switzerland                                        From: 21/06/2017 to: 23/06/2017 Masterclass in Oncology Basics for Beginners, Cambridge, United Kingdom                                        From: 30/06/2017 to: 05/07/2017 4th ESO-ESMO Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in Medical Oncology, Belgrade, Serbia                                        From: 13/07/2017 to: 18/07/2017 ESMO-ESO Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students, Valencia, Spain                                        From: 15/07/2017 to: 15/07/2017 Breast Cancer in Young Women: Joint DFCI-ESO Symposium, Boston, US                                        From: 28/08/2017 to: 08/09/2017 ESO-ESSO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students, Antwerp, Belgium                                        From: 06/10/2017 to: 07/10/2017 Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Refresher Course on Breast Cancer, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 18/10/2017 to: 20/10/2017 4th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Tbilisi, Georgia                                        From: 18/10/2017 to: 18/10/2017 ESO Breast Cancer Observatory, Tehran, Iran                                        From: 27/10/2017 to: 28/10/2017 9th Clinical Oncology Update - Onkologia 2017, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 02/11/2017 to: 04/11/2017 ESO-ESMO Advanced Breast Cancer Fourth International Consensus Conference (ABC4), Lisbon, Portugal                                        From: 02/12/2017 to: 04/12/2017 ESO-ESMO-RCE Clinical Update on Rare Adult Solid Cancers, Milan, Italy                                        From: 15/12/2017 to: 18/12/2017 1st Mediterranean Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Limassol, Cyprus

Fifty experts were invited to attend the 2014 meeting and contribute to the discussion. Participants were selected based on the following criteria:

 Leading cancer clinicians and researchers who have partially or already participated in the first edition of WOF, with the addition of new experts related to the topic to be discussed.

 Leaders who represent important international organizations.
Matti Aapro, Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland
Andree Blaukat, Merck Serono, Germany
Christopher Booth, Queen’s University, Canada
Riccardo Braglia, Helsinn, Switerland
Otis Brawley, American Cancer Society, USA
Franco Cavalli, European School of Oncology, Switzerland
Eduardo Cazap, Latin-American & Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology (SLACOM), Argentina
Thomas Cerny, HCARE-KSSG-ONKO, Switzerland
Alberto Costa, European School of Oncology, Italy and Switzerland
Alexander M.M. Eggermont, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus Grand Paris, France
Nelly Enwerem-Bromson, IAEA, Austria
Mary Gospodarowicz, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada
Axel Hanauske, Lilly Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Augustin Lage, Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM), Cuba
Jonathan Licht, Northwestern University, USA
Ian Magrath, International Network for Cancer, Belgium
Alex Matter, Experimental Therapeutic Centre & D3, A*STAR, Singapore
Rene Medema, Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands
Hitoshi Nakagama, National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan
Douglas Noonan, Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, Italy
Jakob Passweg
, Universitätspital Basel, Switzerland
Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, European Institute of Oncology, Italy
Martine Piccart, Institute Jules Bordet, Belgium
Bob Pinedo, VU Medical Center/Fundashon Prevenshon, The Netherlands/Curacao
Michael Rawlins, UK
Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), France
Luiz Santini, INCA – Brazilian National Cancer Institute, Brazil
Richard Schilsky, American Society of Clinical Oncology, USA
Steve Shak, Genomic Health, USA
Andreas Ullrich, World Health Organization, Switzerland
Chris Wild, International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC), France
Paul Workman, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK
Laurence Zitvogel, Gustav Roussy Cancer Campus Grand Paris, France
Walter Zoss, Network of National  Cancer Institutes of the Union of the South American Nations, Brazil

ESO Observers
Andrea Decensi, E. O. Espedali Galliera, Italy
Olivia Pagani, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Switzerland
Anna Wagstaff, Cancer World Magazine, UK