From: 28/08/2017 to: 08/09/2017 ESO-ESSO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students, Antwerp, Belgium                                        From: 06/10/2017 to: 07/10/2017 Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Refresher Course on Breast Cancer, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 18/10/2017 to: 20/10/2017 4th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Tbilisi, Georgia                                        From: 18/10/2017 to: 18/10/2017 ESO Breast Cancer Observatory, Tehran, Iran                                        From: 26/10/2017 to: 28/10/2017 9th Clinical Oncology Update - Onkologia 2017, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 02/11/2017 to: 04/11/2017 ESO-ESMO Advanced Breast Cancer Fourth International Consensus Conference (ABC4), Lisbon, Portugal                                        From: 02/12/2017 to: 04/12/2017 ESO-ESMO-RCE Clinical Update on Rare Adult Solid Cancers, Milan, Italy                                        From: 15/12/2017 to: 18/12/2017 6th Arab and Southern European Countries Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Limassol, Cyprus                                        From: 22/01/2018 to: 26/01/2018 University Post-graduate Course - Clinical Oncology: Sarcomas, Milan, Italy                                        From: 05/02/2018 to: 09/02/2018 University Post-graduate Course - Clinical Oncology: Head & neck cancers, Milan, Italy                                        From: 23/02/2018 to: 25/02/2018 3rd ESO Masterclass in Cancer Patient Advocacy , Lisbon, Portugal                                        From: 24/03/2018 to: 29/03/2018 17th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 24/03/2018 to: 29/03/2018 11th ESO-EONS Masterclass in Oncology Nursing , Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 18/04/2018 to: 22/04/2018 4th ESO-ESMO Latin-American Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Mexico City, Mexico                                        From: 17/05/2018 to: 18/05/2018 8th ESO-CNIO Familial Cancer Conference, Madrid, Spain                                        From: 18/05/2018 to: 22/05/2018 3rd Masterclass on Systematic Reviews in Cancer Care, Guidelines and Research, Belfast, United Kingdom                                        From: 15/06/2018 to: 20/06/2018 5th ESO-ESMO Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in Medical Oncology, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia                                        From: 16/06/2018 to: 21/06/2018 7th ESO-SIOP Europe Masterclass in Paediatric Oncology, Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 19/07/2018 to: 25/07/2018 ESMO-ESO Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students, Valencia, Spain                                        From: 27/08/2018 to: 07/09/2018 ESO-ESSO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students, Poznan, Poland                                        From: 20/09/2018 to: 22/09/2018 1st ESO-EONS Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in Oncology Nursing, Budapest, Hungary                                        From: 27/09/2018 to: 29/09/2018 Update Skills in Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology, Leipzig, Germany                                        From: 6/10/2018 to: 8/10/2018 4th ESO-ESMO Breast Cancer in Young Women International Conference, Lugano, Switzerland                                        From: 30/10/2018 to: 31/10/2018 10th Clinical Oncology Update - Onkologia 2018, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 10/11/2018 to: 13/11/2018 ESO-ASCO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Yerevan, Armenia






Thursday, 19 October 2017
  Arrivals (Late afternoon)              
 19:00  Introductory keynote lecture
C. Wild (Lyon, FR): Global burden of cancer and new challenges
 20:00 Dinner
Friday, 20 October 2017

  8:45 F. Cavalli (Bellinzona, CH): What do we want to achieve with this WOF?
9:00-10:45 Cancer control and health care agenda: old problems, new possibilities      
                  Chairpersons: M. Gospodarowicz (Toronto, CA), A. Eggermont (Villejuif, FR)
 M. Uhlén (Stockholm, SE): New possibilities for better prevention and early diagnosis offered by basic research -
 More basic aspects

  M. Jamal-Hanjani (London, UK): New possibilities for better prevention and early diagnosis - Clinical aspects

 D. Milner (Chicago, US): Central role of modern pathology realizing cancer control

  R. Sullivan (London, UK): Structural improvement for delivering local therapies: the basis

 T. Fojo (New York, US): Which role for “new systemic treatments”?
 11:00 Coffee break

Round table and general discussion
Moderators:  F. Cavalli (Bellinzona, CH), R. Sullivan (London, UK)
Round table participants: C. Booth (Kingston, CA), P. Workman (London, UK), C. Galindo (Memphis, US)

 12:45 Lunch

14:00-15:45 How to measure the progress, if any, in the global fight against cancer?
                   Chairpersons: C. Stefan (Cape Town, ZA), S. Aranda (Melbourne, AU)

Overview on different situations:

 Middle East, Princess Dina Mired (Amman, JO)

  China, Y.L. Qiao (Beijing, CN) (with Skype participation of Chen Zhou, former Health Minister)

  Latin America, A. Mohar (Mexico City, MX)

  Africa, HMH I. Adewole, (Abuja, NG)

  General picture, R. Laxminarayan (Washington DC, US)
 Coffee break

 16:15 R. Yates (London, UK): Why Universal Health coverage must include oncology services
 S. Aranda (Melbourne, AU): Cities Project
 16:55 F. Knaul (Miami, US): Diagonal approach
 17:15 Round table and general discussion
Moderators: C. Wild (Lyon, FR) and E. Trimble (Bethesda, US)
Round table participants: F. Knaul (Miami, US), CS Pramesh (Mumbai, IN), N. Enwerem-Bromson (Vienna, AT), F. Colombo (Paris, FR) 

 18:30 End daily programme

 20:00 Dinner

Saturday, 21 October 2017


Final Session
Chairperson: T. Zeltner (Bern, CH)


Keynote lecture
R. Atun (Boston, US): How to fund cancer control globally

 9:30 Round table and discussion about different models for funding cancer control
Moderator: T. Zeltner (Bern, CH)
Round table participants: P. Wennubst (Bern, CH), R. Atun (Boston, US), T. Johnston (Vienna, AT)

Coffee break
Final discussion about implementation of decisions/proposals
Chairpersons:  F. Cavalli (Bellinzona, CH), C. Wild (Lyon, FR)