From: 26/10/2017 to: 28/10/2017 9th Clinical Oncology Update - Onkologia 2017, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 02/11/2017 to: 04/11/2017 ESO-ESMO Advanced Breast Cancer Fourth International Consensus Conference (ABC4), Lisbon, Portugal                                        From: 02/12/2017 to: 04/12/2017 ESO-ESMO-RCE Clinical Update on Rare Adult Solid Cancers, Milan, Italy                                        From: 15/12/2017 to: 18/12/2017 6th Arab and Southern European Countries Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Limassol, Cyprus                                        From: 22/01/2018 to: 26/01/2018 University Post-graduate Course - Clinical Oncology: Sarcomas, Milan, Italy                                        From: 05/02/2018 to: 09/02/2018 University Post-graduate Course - Clinical Oncology: Head & neck cancers, Milan, Italy                                        From: 23/02/2018 to: 25/02/2018 3rd ESO Masterclass in Cancer Patient Advocacy , Lisbon, Portugal                                        From: 24/03/2018 to: 29/03/2018 17th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 24/03/2018 to: 29/03/2018 11th ESO-EONS Masterclass in Oncology Nursing , Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 18/04/2018 to: 22/04/2018 4th ESO-ESMO Latin-American Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Mexico City, Mexico                                        From: 17/05/2018 to: 18/05/2018 8th ESO-CNIO Familial Cancer Conference, Madrid, Spain                                        From: 18/05/2018 to: 22/05/2018 3rd Masterclass on Systematic Reviews in Cancer Care, Guidelines and Research, Belfast, United Kingdom                                        From: 15/06/2018 to: 20/06/2018 5th ESO-ESMO Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in Medical Oncology, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia                                        From: 16/06/2018 to: 21/06/2018 7th ESO-SIOP Europe Masterclass in Paediatric Oncology, Nauen OT Groß Behnitz (Berlin area), Germany                                        From: 19/07/2018 to: 25/07/2018 ESMO-ESO Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students, Valencia, Spain                                        From: 27/08/2018 to: 07/09/2018 ESO-ESSO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students, Poznan, Poland                                        From: 20/09/2018 to: 22/09/2018 1st ESO-EONS Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in Oncology Nursing, Budapest, Hungary                                        From: 27/09/2018 to: 29/09/2018 Update Skills in Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology, Leipzig, Germany                                        From: 6/10/2018 to: 8/10/2018 4th ESO-ESMO Breast Cancer in Young Women International Conference, Lugano, Switzerland                                        From: 30/10/2018 to: 31/10/2018 10th Clinical Oncology Update - Onkologia 2018, Krakow, Poland                                        From: 10/11/2018 to: 13/11/2018 ESO-ASCO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Yerevan, Armenia
Further information and application

Enrolment:   Trainees can be enrolled at the host institute with a visiting observer status (3 - 6 months) or a visiting practitioner status (6 months only). The enrolment procedure is to be discussed directly with the host institute. However, please be informed that obtaining residency status may take up to 6 months.

Visiting observership status
Direct contact with patients is not foreseen. The host institute will relate with the trainee regarding enrolment procedure.

Visiting residency status
The visiting residency status allows the trainee the direct contact with patients, which may be wished especially in the field of surgery. The enrolment procedure for practitioners varies for each Clinical Training Centre.

There is a limited number of training grants available so only physicians who have specialised within the last five years or will complete their specialisation by the start of the training period are eligible for a fellowship. A small number of training positions are also reserved for physicians from Arab countries and a small number of fellowships will also be given to physicians from Latin American countries who have participated in an ESO Masterclass in the region.
Duration:   3 months or 6 months, depending on the educational programme required.
1 month for thyroid cancer and radiometabolic therapy and nuclear medicine at IOSI.
Grant:  ESO will refund travel costs (economy fare, from location of residence to the location of the training centre and return) and a grant of:

Visiting observer status: EUR 2.300 per month, 
Visiting practitioner status:  EUR 2.500 per month. 

Costs related to Medical Council’s Registration is to be covered by the scholar.
Accommodation is not provided and is to be arranged by the trainee.

The application deadline for training periods in 2017 has passed. We have two application deadlines for training periods in 2018:

30 June 2017
deadline for applications for the first semester in 2018 - APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED

6 November 2017 deadline for applications for the second semester in 2018 -


Please ensure you read these instructions carefully before your start the online application process.

In order to apply for the CTC programme you are required to complete the online application (please follow the steps below) and provide the documents listed below (you will need to prepare these documents in advance to upload during the online application).

Required documents (all documents should be in English or have an English translation if necessary):

- A letter of request indicating the programme and the Centres (in order of preference) for which the
  application is submitted, the aims and goals of the training period, the plans for development after the
  training period, the requested duration (3 or 6 months) and the preferred training period,
- Curriculum vitae with list of publications,
- Proof of specialist training in oncology, (Original version and please include English translation if necessary)
- Copy of the medical school diploma, (Original version and please include English translation if necessary)
- A letter of support from the head of department.

Online application step by step:

Step 1
If you have never taken part in an ESO activity before you will need to register on the ESO website. Please click on the APPLY NOW button below. You will be asked to complete the ESO website registration form. Once you have registered to the ESO website you will then need to click on the APPLY NOW button again and enter your login details in order to proceed with applying for your training period.

If you have already registered on the ESO website or you are a Club ESO member please click on the APPLY NOW button below and login to your account and proceed with applying. 

Step 2
Complete the first three stages of the application with your personal information

Step 3
When you arrive to the Fellowship section you will be asked to confirm if you are specialised and when you specialised (only those who have
specialised within the last five years or will complete their specialisation by the start of the training period are eligible for a fellowship).

Step 4
You will be asked if you have taken part in an ESO Masterclass in the Latin American region (if you have taken part in a Masterclass in another region please mark No here).

Step 5

ADD FELLOWSHIP CHOICE - Select the centre /programme you wish to apply for and the length of training period (3 or 6 months). You can select up to a maximum of 3 centres/programmes if you wish, but please ensure that they appear in order of preference by using the arrow keys to change the position of the centre/programme in your selected list.

Please ensure you have read through the ‘Clinical Training Centres’ pages on the ESO website carefully before you start applying.

Step 6
In the section ‘Attachment’ please upload the 5 requested documents (listed above). All 5 documents are obligatory. You must include the original certificates + English translation (if necessary)

Step 7
Check the personal details we have on file for you are correct.

Step 8
When you are sure everything has been completed, uploaded and is correct press the ‘Submit’ button.

You will receive a letter of confirmation once we have received and checked your application. This could take a couple of days but if you don’t receive anything from us please contact Corinne Hall

All communication will be in English and dealt with by e-mail.

Only applications that have been submitted with all required documents and by the deadline will be considered.

Selection:  A pre-selection will be made on a competitive basis from among the submitted applications.
Pre-selected candidates will be video interviewed (Skype) by ESO and the host institute.
Conditions:  ESO bears no responsibility for untoward events in relation to the training programme.
Trainees are advised to take out their personal, travel and professional insurance coverage.
It will be the responsibility of the trainee to pay any taxes that may be required by the home or host country.
Contact:  For further information please contact Corinne Hall at