From: 20/09/2014 to: 20/09/2014 ESO-TURKECAG Endocrine Gland Cancers Symposium: Essentials of Thyroid Cancer Management, Izmir, Turkey                                         From: 03/10/2014 to: 04/10/2014 Updates in the Management of Melanoma, Bucharest, Romania                                        From: 23/10/2014 to: 24/10/2014 Visiting Professorship on Radiotherapy of Solid Tumours, Belgrade, Serbia                                        From: 27/10/2014 to: 29/10/2014 ESO-SEMM Master in Ethical Counseling in Oncology, Milan, Italy                                         From: 04/10/2014 to: 07/10/2014 ESO-ESSO Masterclass in Breast Cancer Surgery, Ermatingen, Switzerland                                         From: 17/10/2014 to: 18/10/2014 Refresher Course on Breast Cancer, Cluj-Napoca, Romania                                        From: 07/03/2015 to: 12/03/2015 ESO Course on Gastrointestinal Cancers, Tbilisi, Georgia                                        From: 04/11/2014 to: 05/11/2014 BCY2 - 2nd Breast Cancer in Young Women Conference, Dublin, Ireland                                         From: 08/11/2014 to: 12/11/2014 3rd ESO-ESTRO Masterclass in Radiation Oncology, Cascais, Portugal                                        From: 28/11/2014 to: 29/11/2014 Molecular Diagnostics, Genomics and Epigenetics in Clinical Oncology, Rome, Italy                                        From: 30/01/2015 to: 02/02/2015 ESO-EAGEN Masterclass in Endoscopy in Gastrointestinal Oncology, Vienna, Austria                                        From: 07/03/2015 to: 12/03/2015 14th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, Ermatingen, Switzerland                                        From: 07/03/2015 to: 12/03/2015 8th ESO-EONS Masterclass in Oncology Nursing, Ermatingen, Switzerland                                        From: 05/11/2015 to: 07/11/2015 ABC3 - Advanced Breast Cancer Third International Consensus Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

The Breast

      The Breast is the official journal of the Breast Centres Network, the first international network of clinical centres exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, which ESO runs in partnership with EUSOMA the European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists.
Breast Centres who join the Breast Centres Network receive a free yearly online subscription to the journal. 

The Breast is also a collaborating partner organising the bi-annual conference on advanced breast cancer.