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Strategic plan: executive summary

ESO governance and organization have remained unchanged since the last strategic plan, with the exception of Dr Fedro Peccatori being appointed Scientific Director and Dr Alberto Costa Editor in Chief of Cancer World, while maintaining his role of Chief Executive Officer. With Prof Franco Cavalli, Chair of the Scientific Committee, with Dr Matti Aapro, Coordinator of the Sharing Progress in Cancer Care and with Mrs Chatrina Melcher, Chief Operating Officer, they are part of the ESO Executive Committee.

ESO will continue to provide independent, evidence based, patient-oriented oncological education to health professionals, including clinical and medical oncologists, radiation therapists, surgeons, nurses, patients advocates and medical students.

Due to the unmet educational needs of many health professionals outside Europe, ESO will include the Eurasia region, Mediterranean region (Middle East and North Africa) and Central/South America as part of a wider “cultural Europe” in its educational activities. Other countries (Iran, China) will be considered if appropriate and feasible.

Neglected areas of oncology will remain educational priorities, e.g. advanced breast cancer, breast cancer in young women, active surveillance in prostate cancer, familial cancer, paediatric cancers, rare cancers, psycho-oncology/survivorship/patient advocacy and screening. The implementation of new programmes and programme coordinators in some of these areas will make ESO efforts more timely and effective.

Education will be delivered through masterclasses, courses and seminars, inside-track conferences, e-learning activities, bedside learning at the ESO Clinical Training Centres.

Academic collaboration will be strengthened with the implementation of a new Certificate of Competence in lung cancer and with the next editions of the certificates of competence in lymphomas and breast cancer.

The cooperation with outstanding scientific journals will help enhance the ESO media department and in particular will provide contents for the ESO scientific magazine Cancer World, whose position in the oncology scenario remains conspicuous. Its new editorial vest, its higher output (including the Russian Edition) and the availability of an improved online version with the implementation of an online oncology forum will be the next challenge.

As part of ESO international activities, the World Oncology Forum (WOF) will remain a think-tank concretely contributing to overcome the gaps in cancer care worldwide. Through the education of health policy makers and governmental entities, WOF will serve as a platform for exchanges among organisations involved in cancer control.

The sharing progress in cancer care (SPCC) programme will focus on overcoming the old fashion model of pharmaceutical sponsoring, taking also into consideration the new compliance policies of many industries. Sustaining members pay an annual sustaining fee, which supports the Clinical Masterclass and Cancer World, without overcoming the 25% of ESO annual budget thus ensuring scientific independence and unconditioned programmes.

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