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ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology

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  Ramon Andrade Bezerra de Mello - Porto, Portugal

The Masterclass course is a great opportunity to young oncologists who can acquire an interesting and valuable knowledge in order to improve the quality of cancer patient care. It was a 5-day , full immersion schedule, which brought the participants the wonderful opportunity to be in touch with the current key leaders in all oncology fields. During the course, we could talk with our tutors, make pertinent questions, clarify some doubts in our clinical practice and mainly change experiences with colleagues of a vast number of countries and institutions. This course was fantastic and has overcome my expectations. In addition, the Masterclass course makes an important overview of the main medical oncology issues and is a very useful tool in order to help us to preparation for ESMO examination.
 Tania Fleitas Kanonnikoff Tania Fleitas Kanonnikoff - Valencia, Spain

It's the best course in oncology that I have ever attended. An excellent panel of experts reviewed the most important issues in oncology. It was a good opportunity to share experiences with other colleagues, and discuss doubts. Congratulations for the organizing committee, everything was planned with perfection. The convention centre was a charming place. I recommend this Masterclass to oncologists who have completed residency, with a few years of experience.
 Keegan Niamh Keegan Niamh - Dublin, Ireland

The 2014 ESO Masterclass was a privilege, an opportunity and an inspiration. Highly respected experts gave excellent overviews, distilling their specialty into concise lectures of the salient points, trials, controversies and the potential future directions of their own practice. These lectures were interwoven with tumour board panels and small group discussions facilitated by experts.
It was a joy to connect and share viewpoints with colleagues practicing across Europe and it was particularly encouraging to meet with some of the speakers, who took time to offer guidance and career counseling to participants.
All in all, in a positive and collaborative atmosphere, the Masterclass served to consolidate my comprehension of current best international practice, opened my perspective on the possibilities of further learning and research, built links across the continent and made me feel a proud member of a specialty and community that is committed to learning and constantly pushing to deepen understanding.
 Michail Kouros Michail Kouros - Bellinzona, Switzerland

I had the great opportunity to attend the 13th ESO - ESMO Masterclass, last March. It has been a unique experience! A five-day intense, systemic, multidisciplinary and full immersion, in all the fields of modern oncology, structured with excellent lectures, given by top faculty members and interesting small group interactive workshops.
The location, the facilities, the accommodation and the organization were perfect. I had the chance to get to know lot of interesting young people, from all over the world, exchange opinions and make friendships. Without any doubt, it has been a unique occasion, to refresh my knowledge in medical oncology and have a great fun at the same time.
I strongly recommend all junior oncologists to participate in the future at this Masterclass.
 Michael McCarthy Michael McCarthy - Oxford, United Kingdom

The ESO-ESMO Masterclass surpassed my prior high expectations, in every respect. The faculty comprised leading experts in medical, clinical and surgical oncology from throughout Europe, who covered a comprehensive range of topics in considerable detail during the course. Lecture slides were available exclusively to Masterclass participants, through an event dedicated website, facilitating learning and revision. The learning experience was greatly enhanced by lively and engaging small group discussions and case presentations. Aside from the academic aspect, the Masterclass gave me the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with peers and colleagues from around Europe. The entire event was carried out in a remarkable, tranquil setting, ideally suited to the goals of the class. I have little doubt that my attendance at the Masterclass will have a great benefit to my career, and I would recommend it very highly. 
 Atara Ntekim Atara Ntekim - Ibadan, Nigeria

It was a golden opportunity to participate in the Masterclass program. It was quite fulfilling listening to and interacting with international leaders in the various subspecialties in the field of oncology. Most of the facilitators are involved in producing current guidelines for the management of various cancer related topics.
The lectures provided up-to-date information on the management of various disease sites backed with extensive current clinical trials’ data.
The organization, the venue and the hospitality were excellent and the event was devoid of any commercial bias.

I had the opportunity to learn about the state of oncology practice in various regions and also interacted with colleagues from other countries with possibilities for networking.
The experience from the program has improved by clinical oncology judgments and practice and has provided good resources and impetus for my oncology research career.
I am grateful to the organizers for selecting me to be part of the program.
 Cristina Oliveira Cristina Oliveira - Porto, Portugal

The experience in 13th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology was very rewarding and exceeded my expectations. As a resident in medical oncology it was a great opportunity to update the information in almost all cancer areas, what was great for my daily practice, I felt more secure and prepared for some decisions! The discussion of the clinical cases was also very productive and important to exchange experiences between colleagues of other countries, and sometimes with different approaches in similar cases.
The organization of Masterclass took everything into account, since the choice of the place of the course, the invited speakers and the selection of the participants. It was a great week!!
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 Georgios Antoniou Georgios Antoniou - London, United Kingdom

I participated in the ESO Masterclass in 2013 after strong recommendation from my consultants, who have previously attended themselves and I am extremely glad I did so. The event is a unique opportunity to refresh your knowledge and consolidate it, have interactive scientific sessions and learning and most importantly it gives you this unparalleled chance of meeting prominent world-class members of oncology in person.
I had the chance to go through difficult problem solving cases and despite the intensity, I loved how smaller group sessions were integrated into the programme.
I have also made valuable friends and met really motivated colleagues. The meeting was a fantastic revision, short after I joined The Marsden, one of the most challenging and world’s leading cancer institutions. It is an honour to be an ESO Masterclass alumnus, for it is an excellent and certainly beneficial experience that every oncologist should seek to attend.
 Katarina Antunac Katarina Antunac - Zagreb, Croatia

Taking part in this Masterclass provided an excellent platform to get an unbiased approach to treatment of various tumour sites by leading experts. It was also a great opportunity to meet colleagues from different parts of the world in order to exchange our experiences. Knowledge gained during sessions as well as contacts I made there, enabled me to improve and somewhat change my daily practice. This refers also to practice of my colleagues with whom I have shared information upon return. My participation in this Masterclass helps us in our every day work to serve to our patients even better.
 Rita Canario Rita Canario - Coimbra, Portugal

I have participated in the 12th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology and I highly recommend this event. It was conducted by experts in the field, promoting discussion of the standard of care for a variety of cancer types. This Masterclass also included a session on palliative care, dedicated to anorexia and cachexia, and another on imaging in pelvic cancers. It was a key point for me as a specialty trainee: discussion of clinical cases with peers was constructive, educational and inspiring. Widening our horizons through international collaboration is a way to reduce disparities in cancer care around the world.
  Filip De Vos - Utrecht, The Netherlands

As a medical oncologist working at an academic hospital I feel the daily responsibility to provide state-of-the-art care for my patients. Balancing in-depth knowledge on translational oncology and daily practice of general oncology is quite a challenge. By attending the Masterclass in Clinical Oncology I have improved my practicing skills for the benefit of my patients. The Masterclass is much better than the usual educational day ASCO or ESMO provides as it encompasses almost every aspect of general oncology.
The world-renowned speakers, high-quality topics and discussions with the audience left a big impression of me and still helps me to obtain the goals I set myself as a consultant general oncology in our outpatient clinic and supervisor for our fellows at the ward and outpatient clinic finding that balance in daily practice. I have fond memories of the pan-European experience, friends I have made and of course the delicious cuisine and hospitality I have encountered.
 Fernando Petracci Fernando Petracci - Buenos Aires, Argentina

It was an excellent and great opportunity to learn and share daily clinical practice, treatments and diagnostic recommendations between Latin American and European practice. The meeting organization, learning tools and speakers were awesome. Thank you ESO for that great week.
 Ratosa Ivica Ratosa Ivica - Ljubljana, Slovenia

An optimally organized course, exactly what I needed. Lectures covered numerous up-to-date oncology topics and were presented by many world-known experts. There was enough time to brainstorm and discuss the open issues. I liked our active involvement in debating real-life-cases presented by participants. The whole event helped me a lot to prepare for the final national board exam. Most valued thing of all was simply networking with other oncologists from across the globe.
 Mehmet Ali Nahit Sendur Mehmet Ali Nahit Sendur - Ankara, Turkey

I attended a lot of international educational programs in oncology, but the educational program of 2013 Masterclass was full spectrum of issues in clinical oncology and all issues were tought by mentors of highest experienced in their subjects. Also, highly selected, motivated, knowledgeable and heterogeneous participants from all of the world made program more enjoyable and attractive. My Masterclass experience was the most interactive, high quality and exciting program that I participated until know. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who contributed to the organisation of this excellent program. This program helped me understanding the complexity of clinical oncology and to plan my future career. My Masterclass experience was the most stimulating and multidisciplinary experience in my life, although it was very tiring and intensive program. It is my hope to attend to future Masterclass programs again and again.
 Ozan Yazici Ozan Yazici - Ankara, Turkey 

As a part of Masterclass in Clinical Oncology attendees’ family, I am feeling lucky. Actually it was not only course, it was also a social event. We had excellent opportunity to talk and share ideas with mentors and colleagues across Europe. I aimed to provide excellent medical care to my patients, while I want to be involved in multicenter clinical trials. During the course I learned how to achieve  my personal targets. The lecturers gave me high level of evidence based information about clinical practice and inspiring ideas about future researches. It was really a “high level of special course”. Therefore, before attending the course I strongly advice the participants to read the last updated information /guidelines that is going to be discussed during the course.
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 Zeinab Elsayed Zeinab Elsayed - Cairo, Egypt

In 2012 I had the  privilege to attend the 11th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology as a part of Ulm Master Online Program. I had a fellowship grant from ESO to join this excellent program. I met colleagues who attended previous Masterclasses arranged by ESO and I heard excellent reports about their experiences. Actually, the course exceeded my expectations. Although it was very intense, it was perfectly organized. All the lectures were presented by internationally renowned experts and the discussions were highly interactive. I had the opportunity to meet many fellows from different countries and the clinical cases they presented added a lot to my knowledge.

I would like to thank all those who organized such an excellent and challenging event.
Regarding my experience during the 11th Masterclass in clinical oncology, it lived up to its reputation and met my expectations.  I enjoyed the diversity between participants and  sharing of our experiences with the experience of others. The Masterclass was well organized and the venue where it was held  was perfect. Most lectures where nicely prepared but the case presentation was the most interesting part as we could discuss it with the presenter and also with the Professor responsible for the discussion. In general I definitely would recommend it.
 Jenny Maria Jonnson Jenny Maria Jonnson - Lund, Sweden

Participating in the 11th Masterclass in clinical oncology was really inspiring and way better than expected. The tight schedule with lectures that covered all major topics of mainly medical oncology became a perfect review and update on the latest news, which has been very useful in my daily work. Being able to show that you have participated in such an event as the Masterclass is always good when it comes to other applications, but the greatest advantage so far, I would say, is that you get a network of young colleagues around Europe,  a privilege and also great fun when participating in other conferences, because wherever you go, someone who has participated in a Masterclass will be there.
I encourage all younger colleagues to go and take part in the top of the notch-lectures and inspiring, never ending discussions which broaden one’s horizons.
 Layth Yahya Ibrahim Mula Hussain Layth Yahya Ibrahim Mula Hussain - Sulaymaniyah, Iraq 

As part of the marvelous initiative master program (MSc) in advanced oncology that was started in October 2010 [in its 1st batch] by Ulm University [with cooperation with the European School of Oncology – ESO] in Ulm city – Germany, the organizers identified that the completion of the study program is better accomplished if the students will join the Masterclass in Clinical Oncology that is regularly conducted on yearly base by ESMO and ESO. Based on this requirement, my participation came.

I traveled from Calgary (West Canada) to be in mid of Europe (Zurich) then Ermatingen in Switzerland in March 2012. I arrived just one night before the start and I stayed in an amazing residential place, likely to be founded for scientific relaxation and creation. The course started on the following day and through five consecutive days, during which, I (with my colleagues in the MSc program) entered two exams, one specific for the MSc program and the other shared with all the attendees of the Masterclass, both of them, focused on the clinical oncology disciplines, from different perspectives.
I got significant benefit from this condensed course and review in clinical oncology, the important thing is the multidisciplinary concepts, both at the faculty level and the attendees level (surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology), and not to forget, is the up-to-date evidences and the multiple levels of the attendees (some of them are already specialists and some of them were still in their specialty programs, and this gave the opportunity for discussions during breaks between the junior and senior attendees that reflected positively in both sides).
As a conclusion, I strongly advise this course for anyone who wants to learn, refresh and update his/her knowledge in oncology, and I am personally thinking to enroll in it again in 2017, as I believe that the patients have their rights in my practice and I have to fulfill these rights by refreshing my knowledge
I believe that this Masterclass is the suitable intensive course to fulfill this objective, where you will be back to school again and will be in a continuous learning process.
 Eileen Parkes Eileen Parkes - Belfast, United Kingdom

I was thrilled to be accepted to this programme in 2012. The seminars and presentations helped "round out" my understanding of oncology, and enabled me to pass my specialty certificate exam later the same year. I'm now employed in a clinical research fellowship, and found attendance at this Masterclass gave confidence in the interview and selection process
 Ahmed Magdy Rabea Ahmed Magdy Rabea - Cairo, Egypt 

Regarding my experience during the 11th Masterclass in clinical oncology, it lived up to its reputation and met my expectations.  I enjoyed the diversity between participants and  sharing of our experiences with the experience of others. The Masterclass was well organized and the venue where it was held  was perfect. Most lectures where nicely prepared but the case presentation was the most interesting part as we could discuss it with the presenter and also with the Professor responsible for the discussion. In general I definitely would recommend it.
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 Ana Castro Ferreira Ana Castro Ferreira - Leca da Palmeira, Portugal

Attending the Masterclass was an extraordinary opportunity to perform an update about all oncology issues. It helped me a lot on my final board examination and I have recommended to all my colleagues in my country. Also I had the opportunity to meet with different colleagues from other countries, with whom I am still keep in touch. It was a wonderful experience, and I strongly recommend it.
 Matthew Mason Matthew Mason - Leeds, United Kingdom

In 2011 I attended the 10th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology. The course covered multiple sites in detail and offered balanced surgical, systemic and radiation based treatment perspectives. The case based discussions in small groups were focused and prompted good discussions about management. Interacting with other individuals practicing across Europe helped me to gain insight into different management approaches and led me to challenge and understand my practice better. In addition the course coordination and setting were excellent. This was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and I feel privileged to have attended. Thank you.
 Ahmet Sümbül Ahmet Sümbül - Hatay, Turkey

I attended the Masterclass in 2011. The programme was so intensive and comprehensive and I had a great chance to improve my medical oncology insight during the programme. I had so many new friends and friendships around the world. Programme director, Academic personnel and other stuffs behaviours to us were not official, they were like our families. The programme place was perfect and I am completely sure that attending this programme is a great chance for fellows. Thanks again to all organizing committee for this great opportunity.
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 Camilo Moulin Camilo Moulin - Lausanne, Switzerland

Currently I’m a medical oncologist working at CHUV, a comprehensive university hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2008, after having finished my internal medicine and medical oncology trainings in São Paulo, Brazil, I landed in Europe to work with clinical research at the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels. As part of my experience of working in a different continent, I decided to apply for the 8th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, held in Sintra, Portugal. There, thorough information provided by international experts across Europe, coupled with exciting interactive discussions in oncology, were ideal to enhance my recently acquired oncology knowledge and to keep the bench to bedside approach in my research work. I should also highlight the pleasant atmosphere of a multicultural environment, where I could meet colleagues from different parts of the world and Europe, building partnerships and friendships that still carry on.
 Abdullah Rahuma Abdullah Rahuma - Berlin, Germany

My participation in this scientific oncology forum and intensive lectures and tutorials had great impact in my work as a doctor in this field and make me trying unbridled desire to increase my scientific and practical achievement, made me decide to catch up with the knowledge and scientific development accelerated in this field so I decided immediately after the Masterclass to travel with my family to Germany, I have learned  the German language and joint one of the largest hospitals in Berlin (Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch) in the Oncology-Hematology and Tumor Immunology Department for last 3 years, where I am at present.
I would like to thank all of you for your care and support.
 Nikolaos Tsoukalas Nikolaos Tsoukalas - Athens, Greece

I had the pleasure to attend the 8th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology in Sintra, Portugal in March 2009, when I was finishing my training in medical oncology in Athens. Therefore, that Masterclass was an excellent opportunity for a good overview of different fields of oncology. The scientific program was very interesting and well balanced, while the lectures were of high quality, presented by experts in oncology. All participants had the chance to present a case of a patient and prepare some challenging questions for discussion, which was a very helpful experience for further improvement of our presentation skills. Last but not least, we had the opportunity to meet not only experts in oncology but also other young medical oncologists and to create a scientific network, useful for future collaboration. Additionally, the social activities were memorable, especially our visit to Sintra’s castle and to the ocean coast. Overall, it was a unique, valuable and educative experience.
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 Isabel Cristina Ferreira Fernandes

Isabel Cristina Ferreira Fernandes - Lisbon, Portugal

My participation in the 2007 Masterclass in Clinical Oncology was a unique experience.
It was an opportunity to be update in several areas of oncology and to discuss controversial issues with international and well known experts.
The restrict number of participants allowed the sharing of experiences between residents and young specialists from different countries. Moreover, some contacts were established with other oncologists.
It also allowed a more comprehensive view of oncology and to understand some differences between the treatments of oncological patients in the different countries.
The experience far exceeded my expectations and was a unique opportunity for young specialists and residents, so I certainly recommend the participation in future Masterclasses.

 Rehab Shembesh Rehab Shembesh - Benghazi, Libya

I am a medical oncologist working in Benghazi Medical Center in Benghazi, Libya.
I attended the ESO master class in Malta in 2007, it was at the beginning of my carrier which helped me a lot.
Working in oncology in developing country can be very depressing especially for young oncologists, as most cases are very advanced and most of our work is palliative work.
Attending the master class opened my mind to the possibilities of research and trials, of new therapies and how they work , it made me want to learn more and try to improve the services for our patient
I really recommend attending the  Master class for all oncologist and the beginning of their carrier or for those who want to refresh their knowledge.
 Manol Sokolov Manol Sokolov - Sofia, Bulgaria

As a participant in the 2007 6th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology I was very happy to receive a high-quality knowledge on clinical oncology of gastrointestinal malignant neoplasms, especially colorectal cancer, which is part of my PhD-dissertation. I exchanged initial experiences with colleagues from other universities and hospitals. There held round table discussions proved to be particularly useful in my current weekly participation in Multidisciplinary Oncology Commissions, which make decisions about the treatment of our patients. That Masterclass was at a very high level, with excellent organization and Malta was a great and unforgettable location.
 Thimoty Yap Thimoty Yap - Surrey, United Kingdom 

I participated in the 6th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology in 2007. The ESO meeting was one of the first bona fide translational oncology meetings I attended as a trainee based at the Royal Marsden Hospital and The Institute of Cancer Research. The meeting provided me with an excellent introduction into the basics and practice of modern oncology. Many different topics across a range of tumour types were covered, which made it extremely useful as a medical oncology trainee. Importantly, there was a mixture of basic, translational and clinical data that were covered during this meeting. The faculty were internationally-renowned clinician-scientists who delivered excellent didactic lectures and were extremely hands-on and approachable during small group sessions. Overall, this was an extremely useful meeting and has benefited me even in my current role as a medical oncology clinician-scientist. I highly recommend this meeting to any oncology trainee.
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 Adriana Badulescu Adriana Badulescu - Ilfov, Romania

Having  the chance and privilege to attend the 5th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology in 2006 was extremely rewarding, especially for me, coming from a country  that still lacked at the time sufficient training in  this challenging field, which is continuously subject to improvement and up-dating. I remember the speakers and their presentations, focused on clinical issues of utmost interest. I also recall that the sections in which presentation of the clinical cases were presented were very well structured. This Masterclass definitely helped me in my daily practice of the time, as I was able to relate to the experience shared with us by the presenters, although at the time it had seemed to me a slightly utopic to be able to put into practice the knowledge acquired in St. Julians, Malta.
 Donika Metaraku Evandro de Azambuja - Brussels, Belgium

I attended the Masterclass in Clinical Oncology in 2006.  It was a great experience, as I had the opportunity to liase with experts in the field and to discuss day-to-day challenges with them and with other young colleagues. This was a quite intense and rewarding program.  After having participated in this class , I strongly recommended my fellows to attend this meeting, which most of them did and enjoyed very much. It was a great opportunity of networking with colleagues. The course did fulfill my expectations and opened a broader view of information to me.  My only challenge during the meeting was the hematology session, which I was no longer involved in anymore and found complicated; nevertheless it was a nice refresher to my brain.  I do recommend this course to young people who want to broaden their opportunities.
 Donika Metaraku Donika Metaraku - Floriana, Malta

I must admit that my expectations on this Master class were influenced significantly from my previous experience of first Masterclass in 2002. This Master class had a better educational program than the first one; however, I found this Master class too large and heavily congested with lectures, which did not allow time to interact with your colleagues.  Nonetheless, taking part in an ESO master class is absolutely a great experience and worthwhile. It enriches you with coherent knowledge and gives the opportunity to practice your academic skills. Definitely it is a unique and useful experience for our career.
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 Daniel Helbling Daniel Helbling - Zurich, Switzerland

I took the courses in 2005. It was nice to get away and focus on oncology only for a whole week. I very much enjoyed the constructive teaching atmosphere and the intensive exchange with other participants and teachers. Looking back it was a major contribution to my oncology training.
 Mária Recková Mária Recková - Poprad, Slovak Republic

I was a beginning oncologist back in 2005. That is why I took the chance to participate in the 4th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology.
The meeting was very well organized. The lectures chosen allowed for discussion of the current important issues with experts. We had the opportunity to present our own experiences through the case reports, as well.
I think this was also a very valuable opportunity to meet other young oncologists with different backgrounds from different countries.

Organizers made the meeting very pleasant with opportunities to see the country, where the meeting took place.
For me, it was a wonderful experience that exceeded my expectations. The meeting has had a great impact on my professional daily practice and has been very useful in my professional career.
I would like to congratulate the organizers. I will not forget this meeting and I recommend this meeting for any young oncologist.
  Faeiz Sadawia - Benghazi, Libya

I was one of the lucky candidates who were chosen to participate in the 4th Masterclass in oncology; held in Nicosia/Limassol - Cyprus in 2005.
A wonderful place with a nice sea sure view, with full board residential educational event at St. Raphael resort & hotel & nice weather in March, spring 2005.
It was an up-to-date, state of the art, 8am to 8pm, full week, rich, interactive, intimate, and very rewarding fruitful  oncology lectures and sessions of 35 CME points, that was organized, prepared and given by a great faculty; and by figures in medical, surgical, clinical and radiation oncology.

Lectures, open discussions, reviews and small groups, interactive, full immersion, MDT, round table discussions, along with some social activities.
It definitely reshaped my oncology practice, boosted my career and improved my life, and impacted cancer patients' care in my place.
Thanks to ESO and the faculty.
 Ricardo Texeira Ricardo Texeira - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I participated in the Masterclass of Medical Oncology in 2005. I was the only Medical Doctor from Brasil and of Latin America. I was so happy about this and there was a lot of speakers of the First World, for instance, Germany, U.K. My career became more intense, with the new concepts in Medical Oncology. The classes were wonderful and I would like to receive a new opportunity in order to participate in other Masterclass. I hope so. 
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 Martina Lenzen-Schulte Martina Lenzen-Schulte - Wackernheim, Germany 

The 2004 Masterclass in Clinical Oncology was an astonishing experience for me as a medical journalist: much better than any press event, I learned about the clinical problems that concern oncologists in their daily practice. There were many articles for the media "born" during this week, some of which meant a great success for my reputation.
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 Elisa Gallerani Elisa Gallerani - Gallarate, Italy

I was extremely happy when it was offered to me the opportunity to participate to the Masterclass in Tenerife in 2003. At that time at the very beginning of my clinical experience in oncology I was eager to attend meetings held by prestigious oncologists covering all main topics of all clinical aspects of oncology from cure to palliative care. The Masterclass provided sessions where you could share experience and knowledge with opinion leaders  in a very friendly and confident way. Besides the meeting promoted patient’s advocacy giving the possibility to patient to speak directly about their disease expressing their feelings and expectations. I personally had the chance to meet colleagues who initiated me to conduction of clinical trials with new drugs implementing my knowledge in that field. I strongly recommend to every young oncologist to attend Masterclass.
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 Daniele Generali Daniele Generali - Cremona, Italy

The 2002 Masterclass in Clinical Oncology opened my mind! It was an excellent experience in learning from very motivating teachers on traditional oncology and the new translational oncology. It was showed clearly how it would be possible to merge lab-discoveries and clinical medicine and how you can improve your results knowing the biological basic of the oncological diseases.  I have also a great opportunity to meet new colleagues/friends and to discuss any single approach with them in our clinical oncology routine. It helped in orienting me in my clinical duties and growing not only as a physician but also to integrate day by day what from literature come from, improving my knowledge and relationship with my patients.
I would suggest integrating more the theoretical part of the course with a practical interacting site-visit: labs, department, etc
 Donika Metaraku Donika Metaraku - Floriana, Malta

This was the first Masterclass which had a small number of international participants. The course was very well organized with good flow of educational sessions and social activities. It made possible to talk freely to lecturers and interact easily with your peers. I consider myself very lucky to have taken part in it because it opened up a new opportunity to gain new knowledge, interact and confront my professional experience at a higher level. This challenging experience boosted up my professional confidence and had a marked influence in my academic level. Moreover, it made possible to meet new colleagues and friends with whom I am still in contact.