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Masterclass testimonials

We would like to express our gratitude to the Chairs, the Scientific Coordinators and all the faculty members who, for over a decade, have made the course a unique and still incomparable learning experience for the oncologists of the future.
The impact of the Masterclass goes beyond the expectations that participants have in attending an educational course - it has broadened their perspectives and boosted their career development.

ESO school     ESO School

Many past participants provided testimonials that were collected in the lists ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology and Balkan/Eastern Europe Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, of which an extract is highlighted hereafter:

citLooking back it was a major contribution to my oncology training. It was a wonderful experience that exceeded my expectations. The meeting has had a great impact on my professional daily practice and has been very useful in my professional career. I should also highlight the pleasant atmosphere of a multicultural environment, where I could meet colleagues from different parts of the world and Europe, building partnerships and friendships that still carry on. All participants had the chance to present a case of a patient and prepare some challenging questions for discussion, which was a very helpful experience for further improvement of our presentation skills. Interacting with other individuals practicing across Europe helped me to gain insight into different management approaches and led me to challenge and understand my practice better. It helped me a lot on my final board examination and I have recommended to all my colleagues in my country. This challenging experience boosted up my professional confidence and had a marked influence in my academic level. The course had a huge impact as I was preparing for the exam as senior physician. This meeting was unique not only for its teaching format, but also for the quality and quantity of knowledge that was given. I realized more than ever how important it is for us, young oncologists, to be involved into optimal management of cancer patients from the very beginning of our training and how much benefit these meetings can bring us, not only for our personal experience but also for future collaboration with other international cancer centers. I encourage all younger colleagues to go and take part in the top of the notch-lectures and inspiring, never ending discussions which broaden one’s horizons. My Masterclass experience was the most interactive, excellent and exciting program that I participated until know. The seminars and presentations helped "round out" my understanding of oncology, and enabled me to pass my specialty certificate exam later the same year. Participating in the Masterclass helped me in so many ways that it really softened my road for becoming a better professional. My participation in the Masterclass helps us in our everyday work to serve our patients even better. I have little doubt that my attendance at the Masterclass will have a great benefit to my career, and I would recommend it very highly. All in all, in a positive and collaborative atmosphere, the Masterclass served to consolidate my comprehension of current best international practice, opened my perspective on the possibilities of further learning and research, built links across the continent and made me feel a proud member of a specialty and community that is committed to learning and constantly pushing to deepen understanding.

ESO is proud to have been able to contribute to the professional development of so many bright and dedicated young oncologists.
The Masterclasses are yearly events at which a limited number of participants is admitted on a competitive basis. For the details of the next Masterclasses, please visit our Events’ pages.