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Certificates of Competence and Advanced Studies

The Certificates of Competence and Advanced Studies are postgraduate study programmes organized by the European School of Oncology and recognized academically.
They are designed for oncologists and scientists engaged in oncology with aim of advancing the science and knowledge of a specific tumour type.
Each certificate programme is offered on a part-time basis and is a blend of in-person seminars and online modules. Graduates of a certificate programme are awarded ECTS credits and a diploma supplement from the collaborating university.
Successful completion of a certificate programme ensures you are offering state-of-the-art diagnostic, treatment, research and care for your patients. In addition, it will cultivate your professional skills as you gain better insight and capabilities in multidisciplinary team work. It is your opportunity to study in-depth with
internationally respected experts, and earn a recognised qualification as a specialist in certain types of cancer.

ESO currently offers 4 certificate programmes:

For further information please contact azampetti@eso.net

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