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The Covid-19 pandemic has created a backlog of doctors from 2020 & 2021 who still haven't started their fellowship placements. Therefore, the 2022 fellowship programme will be reduced and we will only be able to support a small number of doctors. 

Priority will be given to ESCO members.

The Clinical Training Centres Fellowship programme for doctors gives trainee oncologists the opportunity to spend 3 – 6 months at a Centre of Excellence in Europe where they will sharpen their skills in their specialty and grow their experience in a specially designed, multidisciplinary clinical setting.

Participants will acquire expertise in all issues involved with the running of a successful cancer unit, from hands on experience with the patients to management issues such as Audit and Quality Assurance.

Although the aim of the programme is for oncologists to use the knowledge gained during their Fellowship in their home institutes, ESO recognises that sometimes this is not possible due to differences in systems & practices within different countries. ESO has decided to broaden its offer by opening the programme to Centres of Excellence within Eastern Europe. The hope is that common systems and practices as well as similarities in language will help ease this transfer of knowledge.

The following Centres have accepted an agreement with ESO to ensure high standard clinical practice and scientific tutorship to its fellows.

Click on each centre to view the fellowship programmes they offer.

St Vincent’s University Hosptial, Dublin, Ireland Asklepios Tumorzentrum Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland European Institute of Oncology, Milan Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan Champalimaud Clinical  Centre The Christie, NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK The Royal Marsden Gustave Roussy Clínica Universidad de Navarra Centre Leon Berard Comprehensive Cancer Centre Split Clinical Hospital Center Centre Hospital of South-Pest Clinical Center University of Sarajevo

Further information

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a backlog of doctors from 2020 & 2021 who still haven't started their fellowship placements. Therefore, the 2022 fellowship programme will be reduced and we will only be able to support a small number of doctors. 

Priority will be given to ESCO members.

Structured Educational Programme

The following are some of the direct contact education experiences that are available to successful candidates. They are divided into clinical teaching activities common to all cancer types, as well as those specific to the different specialties and cancer types.

  • General experience
    Become an integrated member of the specific cancer team to which you are assigned.
    Attend weekly ward rounds, multidisciplinary meetings, radiology conferences, pathology conferences, research meetings.
    Attend outpatients clinics (approximately 3 per week).
    Attend at local/regional/national cancer meetings taking place during the period visit of the candidate.
  • Specialty and/or disease specific experience
    As well as the above, as a trainee you will be exposed to the clinical activity specific to your specialty and site-specific interest. As such, a tailor-made programme will be developed for each candidate to meet their educational needs. It will differ between the specialties of surgical, radiation and medical oncology. Specific examples include attendance to operating sessions for the surgical oncologists, attendance at simulation and other activities relating to radiation oncology, as well as planning of therapeutic regimens for medical oncology.

It will be possible to discuss with each successful candidate what mix of the above best suits their goals.

In order to gain a true insight into multidisciplinary care it is encouraged that Fellows spend 1 – 2  weeks in the other specialties, e.g. a medical oncologist spending 2 weeks in the radiotherapy and surgical oncology departments.


Trainees can be enrolled at the host institute with a visiting observer status (3 - 6 months) or a visiting residency status (6 months only). The enrolment procedure is to be discussed directly with the host institute. However, please be informed that obtaining residency status may take up to 6 months.

Visiting observership status = Direct contact with patients is not foreseen. The host institute will relate with the trainee regarding enrolment procedure.

Visiting residency status =The visiting residency status allows the trainee direct contact with patients; especially in the field of surgery. The enrolment procedure for practitioners varies for each Clinical Training Centre.


There is a limited number of Fellowship grants available so only physicians who meet the following criteria are eligible for a Fellowship:

  • Doctors who have specialised within the last 5 years or will complete their specialisation by the start of the Fellowship period
  • Doctors from the following areas: Europe, Mediterranean countries and Latin America
  • Those who have taken part in at least 1 ESO event (conference, course, Masterclass, etc) or at least 5 e-ESO sessions (e-eso.net)

NOTE: Our application system will automatically recognise whether you have taken part in an ESO event/ e-ESO e-Sessions.

Your e-ESO viewing history is automatically recorded if you have registered and logged on to the e-ESO website when you view the e-Sessions, so please ensure you do this.

You can participate in either a Live or Recorded e-Session and you will need to complete the evaluation questionnaire at the end of viewing in order for the system to register your participation. The system will consider the number of e-ESO certificates that your account has collected.

Downloading of slides from past events is not considered a completed e-Session and is therefore not eligible for enrolment.


3 months or 6 months, depending on the educational programme required.
1 month for thyroid cancer and radiometabolic therapy and nuclear medicine at IOSI.


ESO will refund travel costs (economy fare, from location of residence to the location of the training centre and return) and a grant of:

EUR 2.000 per month

Costs related to Medical Council’s Registration is to be covered by the student.
Accommodation is not provided and is to be arranged by the trainee.


Being selected to take part in an ESO CTC Fellowship is one of the ESO activities that makes you eligible to enrol in the College of the European School of Oncology (ESCO). Enrolling in ESCO gives you access to advanced career resources and opportunities to build meaningful networks. Find out more about ESCO benefits or how to join.

A Fellowship placement also enables ESCO members to earn ESCO credits and therefore access more ESCO benefits.

A 3 month Fellowship = 120 ESCO credits
A 6 month Fellowship = 240 ESCO credits.

Visit www.esco.org for information on how to enrol.



The Covid-19 pandemic has created a backlog of doctors from 2020 & 2021 who still haven't started their fellowship placements. Therefore, the 2022 fellowship programme will be reduced and we will only be able to support a small number of doctors. 

Priority will be given to ESCO members.


Deadline to apply for a fellowship in 2022 is 4 October 2021

Applications are now OPEN!


Please ensure you read these instructions carefully before your start the online application process.

In order to apply for the CTC programme you are required to complete the online application (please follow the steps below) and provide the documents listed below. You will need to prepare these documents in advance to upload during the online application.

All documents should be in English or have an English translation if necessary. Required documents:

  • letter of request indicating the programme and the centre for which the
    application is submitted. Must include the aims and goals of the training period, the plans for development after the training period, the requested duration (3 or 6 months) and the preferred training period
  • Curriculum vitae with list of publications
  • Proof of specialist training in oncology or letter from hospital stating when you finish your specialisation, (original version and please include English translation if necessary)
  • Copy of original medical school diploma with English translation if necessary
  • A letter of support from your current head of department giving you leave from the institution upon acceptance

Online application step by step:

Step 1: Click on the APPLY NOW button below to login to your account or to create a new account

Step 2: Complete the first three stages of the application with your personal information

Step 3: When you arrive to the Fellowship section you will be asked to confirm if you are specialised and when you specialised (only those who have specialised within the last five years or will complete their specialisation by the start of the training period are eligible for a Fellowship)

Step 4: Add Fellowship Choice. Select the centre/ programme you wish to apply for and the length of training period (3 or 6 months)

Please ensure you have read through the ‘Clinical Training Centres’ pages on the ESO website carefully before you start applying.

Step 5: In the section 'Attachment' please upload the 5 requested documents (listed above). All 5 documents are obligatory. You must include the original certificates + English translation (if necessary)

Step 6: Ensure your personal details in your account are up to date

Step 7: When you are sure everything has been updated, completed, uploaded and is correct press the 'Submit' button

Only applications that have been submitted with all required documents and by the deadline will be considered.


A pre-selection will be made on a competitive basis from among the submitted applications.
Pre-selected candidates will be video interviewed (Skype) by ESO and the host institute.


ESO bears no responsibility for untoward events in relation to the training programme.
Trainees are advised to take out their own personal, travel and professional insurance coverage.

It will be the responsibility of the trainee to pay any taxes that may be required by the home or host country. All doctors taking part in Fellowship in an Italian centre will be required to pay tax in Italy. The same applies for Italian doctors taking part in Fellowships in any centre.

Selected fellows will need to comply with existing Covid-19 regulations in the host country and CTC centre at the time of the arrival.


For further information, please contact Corinne Hall at chall@eso.net.

Fellowship Programmes

Here is a list of programmes offered by our CTC centres



Breast Surgery

Colorectal surgery

Hepatic, pancreatic and biliary tract surgery & medical

Gynaecological Oncology surgery

Prostate surgery

Breast cancer
Gastro-intestinal cancer
Genito-urinary cancer
Lung cancer
Radiation Oncology
Phase I
Hematological malignancies
Solid tumors oncology
New drug development
Gynecological cancer
Paediatric Oncology
(view seperate section)
Leukemia and lymphoma
Experimental Cancer Medicine Team Programme in Immune Oncology
Clinical and Translational Research in Immunotherapy for solid tumours
Advanced Interventional Radiation Oncology 
Palliative Cancer Care

Visceral (gastrointestinal) oncology

Head and Neck Cancer

Oncology, palliative care and hematology

Management of Interventional Oncology

Diagnostic Imaging Program on Oncology disease


2121 CTC Fellows

Congratulations to the following doctors who have been selected for a CTC Fellowship in 2021. 

Ahmed Abdelhalim (Egypt)
6 month Residency in Gynaecological cancers at the Royal Marsden, UK

Iris Dino (Albania)
3 month Observership in Pathology at Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumoril, Milan, Italy

Dejan Đokanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
6 month Observership in Breast cancer at Clinical Center University of Sarajevo 

Salma Eissa (Egypt)
3 month Observership in Sarcoma at the Royal Marsden, London, UK

Dima Mahmoud (Lebanon)
6 month Residency in Radiation Oncology at Institut Gustave Roussy, France 

Joyce Marques de Almeida (Brazil)
6 month Observership in Hematological malignancies at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland

Elias Ortega Chahla (Argentina)
6 month Residency in Early Drug Development at European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy 

Niya Petrova (Bulgaria)
6 month Residency in Colorectal Surgery at St. Vincent's University Hospital - University College Dublin 
Mohamed Shouman (Egypt)
3 month Observership in Hematology and stem cell transplantation at Centre Hospital of South-Pest, Hungary
Kyrillus Shohdy (Egypt)
6 month Residency in Experimental Cancer Medicine Team Programme in Immune Oncology at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Ana Tecic Vuger (Croatia)
3 month Observership in Breast cancer at Champalimaud Clinical Centre, Portugal 
Fernando Valencia(Peru)
3 month Observership in Breast cancer at Champalimaud Clinical Centre, Portugal

Timea Vajdics (Hungary)
3 month Observership in Visceral (gastrointestinal) oncology at Asklepios Tumorzentrum, Germany
Vukac Vujanac (Serbia)
3 month Observership in Head & Neck at Asklepios Tumorzentrum, Germany