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ESO Recommended Events

The organisers of an educational event may submit an application to obtain the “ESO Recommended Event” label.


17th ICML - International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma

13-17 JUNE 2023
Lugano, Switzerland

34th Pezcoller Symposium

19-20 JUNE 2023
Trento, Italy


World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer

28 JUNE - 1 JULY 2023
Barcelona, Spain

10 th InterAmerican Oncology Conference Current Status and Future of Anti-Cancer Targeted Therapies

6-7 JULY 2023
HYBRID CONFERENCE in person in Buenos Aires and virtual online

24th IPOS World Congress

Milan, Italy


13th Introductory Course in Genetic Counseling in Oncology

8-9 SEPTEMBER 2023
Lugano, Switzerland


19th Meet The Professor - Advanced International Breast Cancer Course (AIBCC)

21-22 SEPTEMBER 2023
Padova, Italy


Advanced Breast Cancer
Seventh International Consensus Conference

9-11 NOVEMBER 2023
Lisbon, Portugal


13th International Gastrointestinal Cancers Conference(IGICC2023)

Antalya, Turkey



The innovative international postgraduate study program Master Online Advanced Oncology has been developed to improve and harmonize the health care of cancer patients worldwide.

The program initiated by Ulm University is tailored to oncologists as well as employees of the pharmaceutical industry working in the field of oncology.

Further information here.


The Online Master MOM in Molecular Oncology: The Molecular Basis of Cancer is awarded by Centro de Estudios Biosanitarios (CEB) and recommended by the European School of Oncology (ESO). The Master will allow you to broaden and consolidate your knowledge in the area of oncology.

Further information here.

Medical School University of Cyprus, Master’s Programme
POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMME (MSc) - Precision Medicine in Clinical Practice
Applications are now open! Apply HERE.