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If interested please apply online and provide the following documents:

Before you start completing the online application form, please be sure you have all the requested files as outlined below ready to be uploaded to the system. Online applications will not be complete unless all the files are uploaded.


Part II of the application see below
Curriculum vitae outlining previous education and professional experience
Copy of bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in medicine or natural sciences or any other study programme covering the same contents in the original language and a certified English translation
Copy of transcript of records of the examinations taken during the bachelor’s degree programme in the original language and a certified English translation
If the point above is not applicable, record of all study achievements and examination results obtained in the course of studies until the application deadline
Proof of loss of right to take examinations or final failure in examinations in the respective programme, if applicable
Employment verification/reference letters accounting for professional experience in oncology
Personal statement, which explains why you believe you are eligible for this programme and how and why it will further support your intended career
Supporting documents to verify additional qualifications
If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please upload a letter requesting consideration. More information on the scholarships can be found here.

• Download PART II of the application HERE
• Download the Data Protection Statement HERE

Application time-line

Participant’s application to be submitted to ESO by 14 September 2018
ESO to screen for completeness of applications by 28 September 2018
Assessment by delegated Programme Chair and supply to Ulm University by 16 November 2018
Notification of admission to applicant by 7 December 2018
Participant’s settlement first deposit on admission fees by participants by 11 February 2019
Platform account activated by 20 March 2019
Participant’s settlement second deposit on admission fees by participants by 24 June 2019





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