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CCB1 Testimonials

Samir Hidar, Tunisia
"Being a gynecologist breast surgeon, I learnt very much in the medical field of breast oncology, it changed my practice and my interaction with colleagues from other specialties. I think that every physician involved in multidisciplinary management of breast cancer can be interested in CCB. Finally it allows me to travel and meet new colleagues."

Hakan Buzukhatipoglu, Turkey
"This course provides a really complete coverage of breast cancer topics including molecular oncology, breast radiology, radiotherapy and medical oncology as needed for a breast specialist. If you are interested in breast cancer or want to deepen your knowledge in this area this certificate course is a good opportunity. In addition, you have the chance to meet the leading authors both from Europe and US. The course has periodic workshops and you also are invited to 2 major breast specific conferences including ABC and St. Gallen. In summary, I strongly recommend anyone, especially to medical oncologists, who are interested in breast cancer or want to become a breast specialist."

Rehab Shembesh, Libya
"Being a medical oncologist , working in a developing country with limited resources can be a challenge in many different ways, this course has been an amazing experience for me , to have a personal contact with some of best breast oncologist and have their advice and personal experience.
The last meeting in Ulm was great. Getting to spend a whole day in the hospital attending surgeries and tumor board and seeing how everybody was helping as much as possible was great. Additionally I got to make new friend from all over the world and have a great learning experience, keep up the good work."

Martina Degiorgis, Luxembourg
"The CCBC programme was a very useful academic experience for me, and I would recommend it to others.
Relevant topics were covered by excellent speakers with good reading lists provided. The seminars to consolidate knowledge were well organised, and I had inspiring contacts with participants from other countries, as well as with the presenters.
I felt myself part of a committed academic community and the programme has made me feel both more comfortable in my daily practice as well as having a better grasp of details.
And, last but not least, I had the opportunity to climb the Ulmer Munster - another ‘high’-light."

Cristina Oliani, Italy
"I am a Clinical Oncologist and I 'm also involved in a certified Breast Unit. The CCB programme has fully accomplished my aim to have a comprehensive up to date of the multidisciplinary topics of breast cancer care. I enjoyed not only the format and quality of lectures but also the opportunity to discuss my own personal cases and meet colleagues from all over the world."

Martina Zimovjanova, Czech Republic
"I was a little afraid before attending the CCB programme. I was not sure if I would be able to pass it without any significant difficulties. The tests and presentations were quite hard but I am glad I have taken them and seen them, because I learned many new things and feel much more confident now about deciding different situations at my medical practice. Moreover, I enjoyed the practical part at Frauenklinik Ulm: we have seen a lot and all the doctors were really kind and helpful. The CCB programme provided me the chance to gather with other oncologists from different countries and we were able to discuss many issues and later became friends. The CCB programme was definitely worth for me: the amount of experiences and new information widened my knowledge and furthermore, I consider it crucial for my further studies and career."

Mauro C. Janoski, USA
"The program is unique in its nature by the quality of the education, the qualification of the lecturers, and the dedication of the organizers. I would like to invite you to visit ESO’s website and review the content of the program and the demo lecture. Such a year-long post graduate program with a certification examination at Ulm University in Germany does not exist in the U.S. at this time. The quality of the education and the opportunity to develop expertise in Breast Oncology well justifies a transatlantic trip to Europe.
I am a very busy community practicing Hematologist and Oncologist in the U.S. and in my opinion, the most challenging portion of the program is to read the extensive landmarks and seminal articles attached to each lecture “hand-picked” by the experts. By reading the literature, the participants are able to delve into the important details of the field and build a solid foundation as a subspecialist in Breast Oncology. As anything else “the more you put in, the more you will get out” from the course. The rigorous program definitely challenges the best physicians.
I believe that the knowledge acquired during this course of study will be a great asset for my career advancement and the community I will serve on my new job in a large Hematology and Oncology metropolitan practice in Orange County, Southern California."