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CCB2 Testimonials

David Anderson, South Africa
"The Certificate of Competence in Breast Cancer is an excellent opportunity for all clinicians to update their knowledge in the management of breast cancer. The course is appropriate for surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists as it focuses on each field to give participants an excellent overview of the multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer. There are very few courses which allow students to have personalised tutelage from an international group of experts in the field as one gets here. The program is an excellent combination of practical seminars, online modules and forum discussions which result in a valuable learning experience for the participants. CCB2 has afforded me the opportunity to further my oncology career and I can highly recommend it to other clinicians."

Benazir Khaskheli, Pakistan
"I am a radiation oncologist from Pakistan, being from developing country the CCB2 program was a great opportunity for a young oncologist (early in the career) to learn multidisciplinary management of breast carcinoma and getting international exposure. The course was well structured and designed in a way that every member of multimodality team can achieve their learning objectives effectively. I believe this course provide me knowledge, skill, and confidence to treat breast cancer patient in the better ethical manner and at the last but definitely not the least the program mentors and the coordinators were so cooperative that makes this possible for us to complete it in a very easy and pleasant way. The memories and the friends I have made during this program are unforgettable and incredible respectively."

Melsi Seferi, Germany
"I would like first to thank ESO and Ulm-Universitity for giving me the possibility to participate in the Certificate of Competence in Breast Cancer. The relationship with the European School of Oncology and the participation in the Certificate of Competence in Breast Cancer have changed my professional life. Because of the high quality of international teachers and participants at the Certificate of Competence in Breast Cancer, I would like very much to highly recommend this training programme. I consider it a favour the commitment and care from the ESO-Staff to educate and train doctors from all over the world in order to improve the care of breast-cancer patients, especially of metastatic breast-cancer patients. I hope and wish to see very soon the results of these efforts in my daily work as well as in the life of patients worldwide."

Laetitia Joly, France
"I attended the CCB2 program as a medical oncologist. It has really helped me to improve my knowledge and my practice for my everyday life at the hospital. Lectures are given by the most famous physicians involved in breast cancer cares: surgeons, radiotherapists, oncologists, and supportive care physicians.
Most important articles of the literature are pointed out, which helps you to focus on the essential and gives you a complete overview of the best practice about breast cancer at this time. This is a unique experience and the only program which focuses exclusively on breast cancer topics with a certification examination by Ulm University, one of the best university worldwide. I really recommend it. Moreover I met physicians from all over the world, who became friends, and we can now discuss about difficult cases of our real life to find the best way to solve them."

Ivana Durutovic, Montenegro
"The CCB program had a great impact on my daily practice, it increased my in-depth knowledge about the background of different approaches and therapies. The lectures were excellent, especially lectures from module 1, which enlightened epidemiology and genetics. The whole course was demanding, but worth the effort. The seminars and the whole course was organized in a great manner. I also enjoyed exchanging experiences and ideas with colleagues all over the world. To resume, this program gave me a solid ground on which to further in my education and practice."

Theresa Kolben, Germany
"The CCB2 program was a great experience for me. I especially enjoyed to participate together with so many international colleagues. To learn how diverse breast cancer is treated in different parts of the world was very rewarding. In addition, it was great to work closely with experts of different subjects, i.e. gynecologists, medical oncologists, surgeons and radiation therapists."