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CCL1 Testimonials

Ali Bilgrami, MD, Hartford, United States
"I was a participant of the 1st Clinical Competence in Lymphoma course which concluded recently. The following are my comments:

  1. The lectures were absolutely outstanding both in terms of content as well as clarity of thought. Numerous extremely complicated topics were presented in an easy-to-understand format. Even the slides were comprehensive and up to date.
  2. The 3 seminars were also of superior quality both in terms of speakers and material. Question and answer sessions provided participants with a unique opportunity to interact with the experts. Furthermore, the practical sessions in Bellinzona and Ulm were truly outstanding. The case-based sessions in Ascona were thought-provoking. It was an honor to observe the work-shop prior to the ICML meeting in Lugano.
  3. Arrangements provided for the conferences were absolutely superb. Transportation and housing were excellent. The staff were magnificent.

This was the best learning experience I have ever had and I strongly believe that the format and quality of lectures has enabled me to increase my knowledge of malignant lymphomas. Many thanks are due to the organizers."

Guilherme Perini MD, Sao Paolo, Brazil
"Being part of the CCL course has changed not only my daily practice, but also my research work in lymphoma area.
Although it took some effort to travel all the way from Brazil to Europe, it certainly was worthwhile. The topics were well covered, and the staff was always very kind. Having the opportunity to discuss my own personal cases with the staff also helped me a lot. Moreover, the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world and see their daily practice was also very interesting.
I believe the CCL has given me more maturity to deal with lymphoma issues, and also helped me develop better practice and research. I really do recommend the course!"

Margaret Doyle MSc Pharm, Dublin, Ireland
"Overall, as mentioned, I have had a fantastic experience, learnt so much, made some great new friends and met new colleagues, and overall feel more comfortable that I can have meaningful conversations with treating physicians now that will help us in the industry support you in providing the best care possible to patients. Yes, it was tough, but so is everything worthwhile –nothing more so than patients!
The faculty and organisers were extremely interactive, giving us a chance to engage, either in a group session or on a 1:1 basis, answering all of our questions –a service we will miss moving forward
The experts who shared their knowledge with us were integral in the successful delivery of the modules; quite often you would need to attend EHA or ASCO to hear these speakers, and then it is in a room of several hundred people!
The final seminar in particular, albeit very intensive after an exam was superb. The visit to Ulm University was highly appreciated and helped understanding through practical experience."