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CCL2 Testimonials

Alaa Fadhil Alwan, Baghdad, Iraq
"When I applied for the 2nd cohort of CCL program I was hoping that this adult learning program with experienced tutors who share their knowledge with hematologist from emerging regions like me would provide me with the opportunity to develop and enhance my clinical knowledge in the treatment of lymphoma. I have been treating patients with lymphoma for the last 10 years, but like in many other emerging countries in the Middle East, we face limited health care resources in Iraq that also leads to limited access to diagnostic and monitoring assets in the management of lymphoma. Actually meeting and discussing clinical cases with distinguished speakers and scientists in fields of lymphoma made me familiar with state-of-the art management also visiting centers of excellence in Switzerland and Germany helped me to set priorities when embarking to new laboratory facilities in the future. I loved very much this kind of practical training which strengthened my skills in daily routine practice.
My 14 month program for Certificate of Competence in Lymphoma organized by ESO and Ulm university gave me a lot of confidence in routine practice and in managing patients with lymphoma and gave me extensive knowledge and experience in this important subject in hematology. All seminars that I attended were well organized and all logistics were set perfectly by the organizing committee. The speakers who gave the lectures and their experience were outstanding and were the top in the field of lymphoma. I really enjoyed very much this course and hope that there will be another course, a master in hematology in near future."