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CCL3 Testimonials

Wael Mohamed, Aswan, Egypt
"It was a great opportunity for me to join the third run of this program and advance my knowledge from the pioneers and well known figures in the field of haematology and lymphoma from all over the world. This well-organized program gave me the chance to make strong academic networking to support my research in the field of lymphoma and I do suggest people attend this certificate to improve treatment of lymphoma patients worldwide."

Sumeet Ambarkhane, Planegg, Germany
"As a clinical program physician, I lead the medical and scientific strategy for our development program in B-cell malignancies. Since my MD was not in Hematology, I was very happy when I first came to know about this course being offered by the European School of Oncology, in collaboration with University of Ulm. The course is designed in a very systematic way, which helped bridge the gaps in my understanding about the pathophysiological and biological basis in lymphoma tumorigenesis. The online modules are very comprehensive and cover the most recent advances in molecular pathways, diagnostic techniques, as well as treatment strategies. The faculty for the course comprises of very accomplished and distinguished experts worldwide, and I was able to interact with them, either in person or via email. The in person seminars are very meticulously organized by an experienced team of coordinators. There are exams at various stages of the course that ensure that the most important learnings that influence treatment decisions are well-understood. Thanks to this course, I have been able to deepen my knowledge and expertise in lymphoma patient care as well as research methodologies and am able to reflect it in my daily work. Thus, I consider this as a key education in my career and would recommend the course highly to physicians like me who did not specialize in hematology."

Lorenz Thurner, Homburg/Saar, Germany
"The ESO CCL3 was a very good opportunity for me to increase my knowledge on lymphoma in a structured and purposeful way, which is sometimes very difficult in addition to the daily work in the clinic. The CCL3 has especially increased my knowledge about certain rare entities - which has already helped patients. On the other hand, I got in touch with new, unknown views on supposedly familiar topics. Moreover the modules about basic mechanisms of lymphomagenesis were very good, and I benefit from them for my research. Finally, I met and got to know interesting and very nice colleagues from all over the world, which was excellent. To summarize, it was definitely a good choice to participate."

Mauro C. Janoski, Murrieta/Temecula Valley, USA
"I am very pleased to have participated in the Lymphoma Program. I applied for the Program after talking with Prof. James Armitage from the University of Nebraska in the US. He highly recommended me to pursue the Certification. The program is a unique course of study of this kind in the world.
The lecturers were selected based on their expertise in several areas of lymphoma. All the lecturers have international renown by their clinical and research expertise and publications. I had lectures from experts from major medical centers in United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, England and Switzerland.
The entire curriculum is well designed and covered virtually all the high educational content areas that a subspecialist in Lymphoma should be familiar.
I was impressed by the effort from the lecturers to distribute important papers from the topics so that participants could delve into important aspects of the field.
The program is well organized and well suited for a physician who already has experience in treating Lymphomas and familiar with the basic aspects of the lymphomas and desires to build an in-depth knowledge of the nuances of the field.
The Certification provides the formation of the best specialists in the area by developing a strong knowledge of all of the multi-disciplinary aspects of the field: hematopathology, molecular biology, radiology, survivorship. radiation oncology and chemotherapy options.
I am especially grateful to Prof. Franco Cavalli and Prof. Emanuelle Zucca who allowed me to attend the 14 th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML) (the leading Lymphoma meeting in Europe) in Lugano, Switzerland after the second seminar in Switzerland.
At the conclusion of the certification and returning to United States, I can say as in the proverb in the German culture: "I put another feather in my cap." Or a proverb in the American culture: "There is no better investment than in yourself."