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All contents published in the learning platform (corporate identity layout, texts, pictures, figures, tables, graphics, lectures etc.) are protected by copyright. The use of this information is protected by copyright laws and requires the prior explicit approval both of the European School of Oncology and Ulm University. This applies especially for the distribution, alteration, translation, copying, processing or reproduction of information on database or other electronic media and systems.

All contributors are requested to adhere to all copyright laws. Contributors should provide images, illustrations, sound files, video sequences, and texts of their own creation, or to use images, illustrations, sound files, video sequences, and texts from the public domain.

All registered trademarks and brand names of the Programme are subject without restrictions to all regulations pertaining to the registration and property rights of their respective owners.
The content of the learning platform is intended as an educational tool. It is designed for oncology professionals and other physicians focused on oncology admitted to the Programme.
However, the European School of Oncology and Ulm University bear no responsibility to whether the content, or the content of linked websites, is accurate or complete. Even though the platform includes scientific and medical information, it is not designed to provide medical advice and no responsibility can be assumed to whether the medical information is complete, exhaustive or accurate.

The learning platform contains lectures and materials aimed at providing new knowledge and competences. These materials remain property of the authors/lecturers or the European School of Oncology and Ulm University respectively. Each author continues to retain the rights to reproduce the specific images and text which he/she provided. Admitted participants are granted permission to view and download the presentations and pdf files as appropriate; for any other use, they must seek permission both from European School of Oncology and Ulm University.
Lectures from any single author or multiple authors may not be reproduced without the written consent of that author.

In turn, authors are required to ascertain and respect the copyright property of the information they provide in their presentations and to include the source of such information.

The European School of Oncology and Ulm University are not responsible for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of a products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in the Programme. Because of the rapid advances in medical sciences, we recommend that independent verification of diagnoses and drugs dosages are made.

Every effort has been made to accurately reproduce the material as submitted. However, no responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions.

The European School of Oncology and Ulm University do not endorse any opinions expressed in the Programme.

Within the learning platform, personal data are collected and processed on log files as well as in the participant’s personal account, profile and login information. The data is collected for the sole purpose of internal quality assurance and mentoring the students' learning processes as required by the Programme.