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2021 CTC Fellows

Congratulations to the following doctors who have been selected for a CTC Fellowship in 2021. 

Ahmed Abdelhalim (Egypt)
6 month Residency in Gynaecological cancers at the Royal Marsden, UK

Iris Dino (Albania)
3 month Observership in Pathology at Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumoril, Milan, Italy

Dejan Đokanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
6 month Observership in Breast cancer at Clinical Center University of Sarajevo 

Salma Eissa (Egypt)
3 month Observership in Sarcoma at the Royal Marsden, London, UK

Dima Mahmoud (Lebanon)
6 month Residency in Radiation Oncology at Institut Gustave Roussy, France 

Joyce Marques de Almeida (Brazil)
6 month Observership in Hematological malignancies at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland

Elias Ortega Chahla (Argentina)
6 month Residency in Early Drug Development at European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy 

Niya Petrova (Bulgaria)
6 month Residency in Colorectal Surgery at St. Vincent's University Hospital - University College Dublin 
Mohamed Shouman (Egypt)
3 month Observership in Hematology and stem cell transplantation at Centre Hospital of South-Pest, Hungary
Kyrillus Shohdy (Egypt)
6 month Residency in Experimental Cancer Medicine Team Programme in Immune Oncology at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Ana Tecic Vuger (Croatia)
3 month Observership in Breast cancer at Champalimaud Clinical Centre, Portugal 
Fernando Valencia(Peru)
3 month Observership in Breast cancer at Champalimaud Clinical Centre, Portugal

Timea Vajdics (Hungary)
3 month Observership in Visceral (gastrointestinal) oncology at Asklepios Tumorzentrum, Germany
Vukac Vujanac (Serbia)
3 month Observership in Head & Neck at Asklepios Tumorzentrum, Germany