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A new fellowship programme is being offered for cancer nurses in Europe as an extension of ESO’s Clinical Training Centres Fellowship programme for oncology physicians. This Fellowship programme is held in collaboration with the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS).

The aim is reduce variability in outcomes of cancer care not just between countries but also within regions in each country, by giving cancer professionals the chance to experience working in a multi-functional team in an accredited Centre in Europe.

The nurses’ Clinical Training Centres Programme will offer cancer nurses the opportunity to spend time in a clinical setting specially designed to increase knowledge, improve professional development and to encourage mobility within EU and different countries.

At the end of the training period it is anticipated that candidates will improve their skills and knowledge in cancer nursing, and will have experienced a comprehensive overview of all the issues involved in the running of a successful cancer unit.

ESO will refund the applicant with relevant travel costs and a grant of 2000 Euros for each 4-week period. Accommodation is not provided and is to be arranged by the applicant.

Profile of the candidate:

  • Minimum 2 years experience in clinical cancer nursing
  • Member of an EONS member society or individual member of EONS
  • Approval from their current employer
  • Priority will be given to European cancer nurses coming from countries that do not offer specialist training in cancer nursing and nurses who have participated in an ESO-EONS Masterclass
  • Eligible nurses will be able to apply for a period of 1 to 6 months, depending on Centre and programme offered

Centres will offer either:

Observership training periods (direct contact with patients is not foreseen)

Residency training periods (contact with patients is foreseen).

Eligibility for either Observership or a Residency depends on the regulations in each country.

The following accredited Centres will offer CTC fellowships to oncology nurses:

Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland
European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy
Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC), Lisbon, Portugal
The Royal Marsden NHS Trust and School, London, UK

Structured educational programme

The following are some of the direct contact education experiences that will be available to successful candidates. These are divided into clinical teaching activities common to all cancer types, as well as those specific to the different specialties and cancer types. The candidate could observe all types of cancer service during the visit. The candidate will, as an observer, follow the work of clinical cancer nurses in their daily practice.


• General experience
Become an integrated member of the specific cancer team to which you are assigned. Attend a variety of cancer services available at the hosting centre, such as cancer wards, follow-up services, nurse-led services, clinical trial units, oncology emergency service, palliative/supportive care service and treatment units such as chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy units.

• Specialty and/or disease specific experience
Some host Centres will offer disease specific programmes for specialised nurses, please see centre programmes for details. It will be possible to discuss with each successful candidate what mix of the above suits theirs particular needs.

You will have a designated supervisor/mentor during the visit. You and the supervisor will meet weekly to discuss progress and expectations.

Further information and application

Applications for the ESO-EONS Clinical Fellowship Programme for Cancer Nurses 2020 are now closed.