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International Online Master Gynaecological Oncology

International online master in Gynaecological oncology


General Information

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Certification: CEU University
  • 60 ECTS credit points
  • Teaching hours: 1.500 h


Gynaecologic Oncology training is often insufficient due to the lack of time devoted to the specialty during the medical training, its difficulty, and the technical complexity of the field. A rise in the scientific and extracurricular interest in the field, together with the increase of professional demand, has thus made the training update essential.


The Master aims at enabling the training update by means of state-of-the-art pedagogical technology, in order to improve the quality and reliability of medical decision-making, diagnosis, treatment, and gynaecologic cancer prognosis.

  • Recognition of molecular bases
  • Identification and classification of different types of uterine cancer
  • Differentiation of pre-invasive cervix pathologies
  • Implementation of surgical and/or chemotherapic treatment
  • Assessment of invading illnesses
  • Adjustment of treatments

Contents of the program

  • Module 1: Cancer Basics
  • Module 2: Endometrial Cancer I
  • Module 3: Endometrial Cancer II
  • Module 4: Cervical Cancer I
  • Module 5: Cervical Cancer II
  • Module 6: Ovarian Cancer I
  • Module 7: Ovarian Cancer II
  • Module 8: Vulvar Cancer I
  • Module 9: Vulvar Cancer II
  • Module 10: Uterine Sarcoma I
  • Module 11: Uterine Sarcoma II
  • Module 12: Cancer and human reproduction
  • Module 13: Rare gynecological tumors
  • Module 14: Palliative Care Concepts

Learning tools

The online Master Degree in Gynaecologic Oncology performs a formative action which favours the connection, learning, involvement and knowledge building through the best high-quality multimedia contents.

Each Module within the course includes training activities with a practical, active and participatory aim implemented via several resources:

  • Study material
  • Case studies with expert assessment
  • Testing & Retesting
  • Video surgical techniques and clinical procedures
  • Interactive summaries
  • Master lessons
  • Fast-track guidelines
  • Complementary reading


Ignacio Zapardiel MD, PhD. Gynecologic Oncology Unit, La Paz University Hospital. Associate Professor UAM University. Scientific Assistant Director IdiPAZ - Biomedical Research Institute.

Authors of reference

Specialists and university professors with wide experience and renowned prestige, who will present major news on the area taking into account the latest scientific research, develop the contents of the course:

  • Dr. Giovanni Aletti
  • Dr. Frederic Amant
  • Dr. Rebeca Díaz
  • Dra. María Dolores Diestro Tejeda
  • Dr. Antonio Gil-Moreno
  • Dr. Walter Gotlieb
  • Dra. Cristina González Benítez
  • Dr. Sara Iacoponi
  • Dr. Vesna Kesic
  • Dr. Paul M. Magtibay
  • Dr. Alejandra Martínez
  • Dr. Sergio Martínez Román
  • Dr. Noriomi Matsumura
  • Dr. Elisa Moreno Palacios
  • Dr. Shannon Salvador
  • Dr. José Luís Sánchez-Iglesias
  • Dr. Javier de Santiago García
  • Dr. Javier de la Torre Fernández de Vega
  • Dr. Vanna Zanagnolo


At the end of the course the student will be awarded with the title of the Online Master Degree in Gynaecologic Oncology, certified with 1.500 official hours and 60 ECTS credit points.


Further information available here

e-mail: info@cursosmedicina.com
(+34) 902 10 34 35

An ESO Recommended Programme

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