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Online Master in Molecular Oncology

The Online Master MOM in Molecular Oncology: The Molecular Basis of Cancer is awarded by Centro de Estudios Biosanitarios (CEB) and recommended by the European School of Oncology (ESO). The Master will allow you to broaden and consolidate your knowledge in the area of oncology.

Addressed to

The Master is oriented to oncologists, hematologists, pathologists and other specialists in the area of biomedicine, who are looking for a better understanding in the molecular basis of cancer and the new therapeutic possibilities.


The main objective of this Master Degree is to offer up-to-date training in Molecular Oncology, aimed at diagnosing and treating cancer based on a multidisciplinary vision of the tumor disease.

Special emphasis is placed on the latest findings in translational research. Training is provided by experienced clinicians and researchers, both from prestigious institutions.

Academic program

The contents of the Master are divided into four modules that allow the student to delve into the latest oncological research, new cancer tools and therapies.

Contents of the program

  • Module I: Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer
    This module will cover the basic knowledge of cell biology and mechanisms flag of gene regulation, and changes caused by neoplasic transformation. Molecular Processes will be reviewed, including genes controlling cell proliferation and biological activity of the main proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes and the Implications of tampering. Also study the importance of the repair of genetic damage and mutator route in carcinogenesis, the basis of the processes of apoptosis, cellular senescence and immortalization, stem cells, angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis and tumor immunology.

  • Module II: Molecular Pathology
    This module aims to understand, through didactic presentations and laboratory work, basic aspects of molecular diagnostics, the technical and conceptual basis, its implementation in clinical practice in selected diseases.

  • Module III: Molecular Oncology
    This module contains aspects of epidemiology, carcinogenesis and inheritance and analyzes the knowledge about new antitumor therapies allowing updated review of the possibilities of different approaches to the design of drugs, the current state of drug search directed against molecular targets. We will review the various forms of immune therapy and gene therapy, and discuss the clinical trial methodology and application of molecular targets in addition to diagnosis and prognosis, problems and prospects in this field.

  • Module IV: Research Project
    During the IV module, students will perform a research project which may consist of conducting a research project developed in laboratories and / or hospitals, or in a literature review on a topic of interest in Molecular Oncology, or in designing a research project. During the eleven months assigned to carry out the research project the student will have a tutor. It is essential to have the approval of the tutor for the research work can be evaluated.

Further details can be found on the document that can be downloaded here or on the MCM website.

Centro de Estudios Biosanitarios
Eugenia Fernández Camara

Eva Galián Guevara
+34 917 395 254


An ESO Recommended Programme