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Chairs: G. Curigliano, IT - F. Peccatori, IT
Host Chair: G. Tamamyan, AM

This clinical oriented educational programme has been designed for medical, surgical and radiation oncologists and, in the selection process, priority will be given to applicants practicing in Caucasus, Eastern Europe, former Soviet Republics and Middle East who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in multidisciplinary cancer management. The programme will expose participants to a full spectrum of issues in clinical oncology and practice-oriented training, focusing on breast, gastro-intestinal, gynaecologic, lung and prostate cancers and furthermore include professional development topics. Experts will deliver state-of-the-art lectures on specific cancers followed by multidisciplinary tumour board discussions. Faculty members and participants will discuss aspects of medical, surgical, and radiation therapeutic options and how they can be used together for optimal patient outcomes.
Furthermore, participants will deliver clinical case presentations within small groups. Attendance will be by competitive application only and admitted participants will be granted free registration and full-board accommodation.

• Advance participants’ knowledge in the treatment of breast, gastrointestinal, gynaecologic, lung and prostate cancers
• Encourage attendees to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to the management of patients
• Increase understanding of roles and responsibilities of oncology team members in the delivery of quality cancer care

• Breast cancer
• Lung cancer
• Gastro-intestinal cancers
• Gynaecological cancers
• Prostate Cancer

The Masterclass in
Clinical Oncology is an
ESO-ASCO joint event


The Masterclass is held
in collaboration with




FACULTY (as of March 2018)
D. Arnold, CUF Hospitals Cancer Center, Lisbon, PT
A. Artinyan, Baylor College of Medicine, US
A. Avagyan, Yerevan State Medical University, AM
A. Avetisyan, National Oncology Center, AM
V. Badeyan, National Oncology Center and Yerevan State Medical University, AM
S. Bardakchyan, Yerevan State Medical University, AM
R. Camacho, IAEA Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT), Palma de Mallorca, ES
F. Cappuzzo, Istituto Toscano Tumori, Livorno, IT
G. Curigliano, University of Milano, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, IT
L. Davtyan, Wigmore Clinic, AM
F. De Braud, University of Milano, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan, IT
W. Gatzemeier, Humanitas Cancer Center, Rozzano, IT
F. Geara, American University of Beirut, LB
L. Harutyunyan, Yerevan State Medical University, AM
A. Heidenreich, Universitätsklinikum Köln, DE
M. Hovhannisyan, Yerevan State Medical University, AM
Y. Janjigian, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, US
B. Jereczek, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, IT
N. Karamyan, National Oncology Center and Yerevan State Medial University, AM
P. Khachatryan, Yerevan State Medical University and Histogen Center, AM
M. Kostanyan, National Oncology Center and Yerevan State Medical University, AM
N. Matinyan, MIBS Medical Center, AM
M.R. Mirza, Copenhagen University Hospital, DK
A. Mkhitaryan, Histogen Center, AM
O. Pagani, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland (IOSI), Bellizona, CH
F. Peccatori, European School of Oncology, Milan, IT
L. Safaryan, Yerevan State Medical University, AM
T. Saghatelyan, National Oncology Center and Yerevan State Medical University, AM
M. Sahakyan, Yerevan State Medical University, AM
U. Schmidt-Straßburger, Universitätsklinikum Ulm, DE
J. Sehouli
, Charité Medical University, Berlin, DE
G. Tamamyan, Yerevan State Medical University, AM
V. Ter-Minasyan, Yerevan State Medical University and Armenian-American Wellness Center, AM
A. Vaporciyan, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, US
H. Vardevanyan, Armenian-American Wellness Center, AM
D. Zohrabyan, Yerevan State Medical University, AM

General information

Daniela Mengato
European School of Oncology (ESO)
Via Turati 29 - 20121 Milan, Italy
Tel: +39 02 85464523
Fax: +39 02 85464545
Email: dmengato@eso.net

Alice Ciocchini, aciocchini@eso.net, ph +39 02 85464529


Application by: 15 June 2018  
Save event date: 09 November 2018  



• Age between 25 and 40 years
• At least 2-3 years’ experience in clinical oncology (medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology)
• Involvement in scientific activities (desirable)
• At least intermediate level of English language (simple scientific discussion in English)
• Priority will be given to applicants practicing in Caucasus, Eastern Europe, former Soviet Republics and Middle East.

Interested oncologists should apply online (at the top of this page) providing:

• Letter describing motivation for attending;
• Supporting letter from head of department or mentor;
• CV with list publications (if the list of publications is not provided, it will be assumed that no articles have been published)
• Clinical case (see below)

Priority will be given to applicants practicing in Caucasus, Eastern Europe, former Soviet Republics and Middle East.

Submit an abstract of one page on the template provided at the bottom of this page describing a clinical case related to one of the subjects of the Masterclass (breast, lung, gastrointestinal, gynaecological and prostate cancers). You will have to present your case at the Masterclass in format of a clinical grand round discussion. Please provide a straightforward a case of your daily clinical practice - no uncommon or extremely rare case. A maximum of 10 slides will be permitted containing:

• Diagnostic considerations
• Treatment
• Results, follow-up
• At least three questions proposed for discussion with the faculty

Participants will be asked to bring their personal laptop or tablet (wireless enabled) to the Masterclass as an event- dedicated website will be created and all questionnaires and certificates will be accessible only from there. Any potential problems with meeting this request should be communicated to the secretariat as part of the application

Successful applicants are granted free registration and accommodation

Before you start completing the online application form, please be sure you have all the requested files (CV, Motivation letter, Supporting letter, Professional experience template and Abstract template) ready to be uploaded to the system. Online applications will not be complete unless all the files are uploaded.

Download HERE your Professional experience template
•  Download HERE your Abstract template



9 November

    Participants’ arrivals and registration  
19:00   Welcome Dinner
20:00   Welcoming remarks (Armenian Association of Hematology & Oncology)
20:05   Welcoming remarks (European School of Oncology)
20:15   Welcoming remarks (American Society Clinical Oncology)
20:25   Welcoming remarks (Yerevan State Medical University)
20:30   Welcoming remarks (National Oncology Center of Armenia)
20:35   Opening lecture: Global oncology
Current challenges and opportunities
U. Schmidt-Strassburger, DE
21:00   Cancer in the Caucasus region
M. Hovhannisyan, AM
21:20   Closing remarks


 10 November

Chairs: W. Gatzemeier, IT - M. Kostanyan, AM
8:30   Biology of breast cancer & impact on treatment options/outcomes
A. Mkhitaryan, AM
9:00   Current surgical management of breast cancer
W. Gatzemeier, IT
9:30   Adjuvant therapy in breast cancer management
G. Curigliano, IT
10:00   Principles of breast radiation oncology
B. Jereczek, IT
10:30   Coffee break        
11:00   Systemic treatment of IV stage breast cancer: the ABC4 guidelines
O. Pagani, CH
11:30   Tumor board discussion of breast cancer cases
(3 cases)
Faculty and local tutors: A. Avetisyan, AM - L. Safaryan, AM - H. Vardevanyan, AM - T. Saghatelyan, AM
12:30   Lunch break
Chairs: G. Tamamyan, AM - O. Pagani, CH
13:30   ESMO-ASCO Global Curriculum
U. Schmidt-Strassburger, DE
13:50   Elements of an excellent scientific presentation
Skills of effective moderators - How to give effective feedback

G. Curigliano, IT
14:20   Introduce clinical case exercise
G. Tamamyan, AM
14:30   Coffee break
15:00   Breakout Groups: Participants’ Clinical Case Discussions
(Cases discussion in three groups)


 11 November

Chairs: F. De Braud, IT - L. Safaryan, AM
8:30   Surgery of NSCLC
A. Vaporciyan, US
8:50   Neo-adjuvant and adjuvant treatment of NSCLC
F. Cappuzzo, IT
9:20   Radiation therapy in the treatment of NSCLC
B. Jereczek, IT
9:40   Coffee break
10:10   Treatment of IV stage NSCLC with special focus on targeted therapies
F. De Braud, IT
10:35   Immunotherapy on metastatic NSCLC
F. De Braud, IT
11:00   Therapy of SCLC
F. Cappuzzo, IT
12:00   Tumor board discussion of lung cancer cases
(3 cases)
Faculty and local tutors: L. Harutyunyan, AM - N. Karamyan, AM - P. Khachatryan, AM - M. Kostanyan, AM - H. Vardevanyan, AM
13:00   Lunch break
14:00   Breakout Groups: Participants’ clinical case discussions
(Cases discussion in three groups)
16:00   Spotlight lecture:
Challenges and opportunities in clinical research

G. Curigliano, IT


 12 November

Chairs: D. Arnold, PT - L. Harutyunyan, AM
8:30   Surgery of esophageal and gastric cancer
A. Vaporciyan, US
9:00   Neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment of gastric and esophageal cancer
D. Arnold, PT
9:30   Treatment of IV stage gastric cancer
D. Arnold, PT
10:00   Coffee break
10:30   Neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment of colorectal cancer
Y. Janjigian, US
11:00   Treatment of IV stage colon cancer - systemic treatment
Y. Janjigian, US
11:30   Surgical treatment of colorectal and anal cancer
A. Artinyan, US
12:00   Radiation therapy of rectal and anal cancer
F. Geara, LB
12:30   Lunch break
13:30   Tumor board discussion of GI cancer cases
(3 cases)
Faculty and local tutors: A. Avagyan, AM - M. Sahakyan, AM - N. Karamyan, AM - L. Davtyan, AM
14:30   Breakout Groups: Participants’ clinical case discussions
(Cases discussion in three groups)


13 November

Chairs: F. Peccatori, IT - D. Zohrabyan, AM
8:30   Treatment of cervical cancer in high-income countries
J. Sehouli, DE
9:00   ASCO resource-stratified guidelines for the treatment of invasive cervical cancer
R. Camacho, ES
9:30   Surgery and neoadjuvant chemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer
J. Sehouli, DE
10:00   Systemic treatment of advanced ovarian cancer
M.R. Mirza, DK
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   ESMO/ESGO/ASCO guidelines on endometrial cancer treatment
M.R. Mirza, DK
11:30   HPV vaccination, screening and cervical cancer prevention
F. Peccatori, IT
12:00   Tumor board discussion of gynecological cancer cases (2 cases)
Faculty and local tutors: D. Zohrabyan, AM - V.T. Minasyan, AM - A. Mkhitaryan, AM - N. Matinyan, AM
12:40   Lunch break
Chairs: V. Badeyan, AM - A. Heidenreich, DE
13:30   Management of early and metastatic prostate cancer
A. Heidenreich, DE
14:10   Radiotherapy of prostate cancer
T. Saghatelyan, AM
14:30   Tumor board discussion of prostate cancer cases
(2 cases)
Faculty and local tutors: S. Bardakchyan, AM - T. Saghatelyan, AM - V. Badeyan, AM - N. Matinyan, AM
15:00   Coffee break
Chairs: G. Tamamyan, AM - G. Curigliano, IT
15:30   How to write an article D. Arnold, PT
16:00   New drugs in oncology - Where are we going?
M.R. Mirza, DK
16:30   Learning self-assessment test
17:30   Closing remarks


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