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Best Cancer Reporter Award

ESO established the Best Cancer Reporter Award in 2006 to promote intelligent and critical coverage of cancer and acknowledge the many examples of excellent reporting on the topic by journalists across Europe.  

Good cancer journalism helps people understand the experience of cancer patients, and that their chances of surviving with quality of life improve dramatically if cancer services are effective, from early detection to treatment, rehabilitation and long-term support. The media can raise awareness about ways of bridging gaps and addressing inequities in cancer, as well as portraying people’s experience of the disease in a more realistic light. High-quality cancer journalism conveys important messages to the general public, such as cancer is not always a death sentence, early diagnosis saves lives, access to optimal treatment improves outcomes, and life does not stop because you have cancer.

The Best Cancer Reporter Award ran from 2006 to 2015, in 2016 ESO decided to launch a new journalism Award under the title Cancer World Journalism Award.


Further information on this new Award can be found here.


Best Cancer Reporter Award winners (2006 - 2015)


2015 Best Cancer Reporter Award


1st Prize: Matthew Hill, BBC, UK
2nd Prize: Patrice Goldberg, Matière Grise, Belgium

2013 Best Cancer Reporter Award


Joint 1st Prize:
Tiffany O'Callaghan, New Scientist, United Kingdom
Joanne Silberner, Freelance journalist, US

Joint 2nd Prize:
Cristiane Hawranek & Marco Maurer, Freelance journalists, Germany
Ainhoa Iriberri, Revista Salud, Spain

In addition, the judges also recognised the work of Ugandan journalist Esther Nakkazi and Zimbabwe-based journalist Busani Bafana. These two journalists highlighted the struggle faced in addressing cancer in low-income countries and the role of the media in spotlighting specific problems.

2012 Best Cancer Reporter Award


1st Prize: Bernhard Albrecht, Der Spiegel, Germany

2nd Prize: Clive Cookson, Financial Times, United Kingdom

In addition, British journalist Cassandra Jardine (Daily Telegraph) and British journalist Steve Connor (Independent) received a Special Merit Award certificate that recognises the excellence of their work.

2011 Best Cancer Reporter Award


Joint 1st Prize:
Mark Henderson, The Times, United Kingdom
Victoria Lambert, Freelance journalist, United Kingdom

2nd Prize: Martina Keller, Freelance journalist, Germany

In addition, the work of Silja Paavle who writes for Öhtuleht, one of Estonia’s highest circulation daily newspapers, was highly commended by the judges.

2010 Best Cancer Reporter Award


1st Prize: Nicola Kuhrt, Die Zeit, Germany

2nd Prize: Mark Henderson, The Times, United Kingdom

Romanian journalist Paula Herlo received a special BCRA Campaigner Award in recognition of her campaigning work of Romania's Pro TV News.
In addition, Polish journalist Slawomir Zagorski who writes for Gazeta Wyborcza, received a Special Merit Award.

2009 Best Cancer Reporter Award


Joint 1st Prize:
Margaret McCartney, Financial Times, United Kingdom
Linda Geddes, New Scientist, United Kingdom

2nd Prize: Rabiya Tuma, The Economist, US

In addition, Italian journalist Daniela Ovadia and Portuguese journalist Nelson Marques received a Special Merit Award.

2007 Best Cancer Reporter Award


1st Prize: Pawel Walewski, Polityka, Poland

Joint 2nd Prize:

Maria Valerio Sainz, El Mundo, Spain
Linda Geddes, New Scientist, UK

In addition, Eric Baumann from the Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland and Iva Shohova from the Prague Post, Czech Republic received a Special Merit Award in recognition of their willingness to write about their personal cancer experience in order to raise awareness about some of the difficulties faced by cancer patients as they progress through their cancer journey.