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Eastern Europe and Balkan Region programme

Coordinator: A. Eniu, RO

ESO has been operating in the Balkans since 1989 in 8 countries through the collaboration of the University of Ioannina which, at the time, was coordinating all ESO’s activities organised in the Balkan area. The Balkans continue to gain attention also in 2001 when ESO holds its first training course on “Evidence Based management of breast cancer” in Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and in 2002 in Nis (Serbia) and in both occasion more than 300 doctors participate.

From 2001, ESO starts conducting a series of annual training courses in different countries of the Balkan area focusing on improving skills of not only the oncology professionals but also family doctors, physicians, surgeons and medical students. From 2003 ESO successfully concentrate its attention on launching the Sarajevo “Breast Cancer Conferences” which gather numerous participants from various Balkan countries.
It is in 2008 that ESO starts to explore the possibility of organising an annual Masterclass in Clinical Oncology in the Balkan area. This is a highly specialised residential course, in which participants are selected on application.

In May 2010 ESO organises the 1st Masterclass in Clinical Oncology in Dubrovnik (Croatia). This clinically oriented residential educational programme has been designed for dedicated physicians wishing to improve their skills in the management of cancer patients. The ESO Balkan Masterclass is dedicated to clinicians who are specifically and almost exclusively dedicated to medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology (breast and colon). The programme expose participants to a full spectrum of issues in clinical oncology and to practice-orientated training and focuses on the most common malignancies.

The Masteclass offers plenary lectures regarding the state-of-the-art clinical evaluation and treatments with reference to clinical guidelines and which conclude in taking-home messages. Furthermore, practical training is offered in the frame of clinical case presentations prepared and presented by the faculty for an interactive discussion with participants. All participants reside at the masterclass venue and participation is compulsory throughout the event. The Masterclass is entirely in English and fluency in English is necessary for admission.


For further information regarding these programmes please contact:
Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Programme
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Medical/Clinical Oncology

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