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Latin America programme

Coordinator: Fedro A. Peccatori, IT

It was with pleasure and gratefulness for the consideration of the local community as well as the Masterclass core faculty that in 2015 ESO reintroduced activities in Latin America with the organisation of the first ESO-ESMO Latin-American Masterclass.
The traditional format and admission procedure applies but special attention is devoted to the specific needs of the targeted audience.

The Masterclass is the most structured ESO educational activity whose format has been established and presented in Europe and beyond for over a decade. The success of the teaching method has been confirmed by the events held also in other parts of the world, such as in Eastern Europe and Balkan Region, in Arab countries as well as in the discipline-oriented courses.

As for all Masterclasses, the number of participants is limited and admission is by competitive application only.
Admitted participants are granted free registration and Half-board accommodation for the duration of the Masterclass.

The following ESO-ESMO Latin-American Masterclasses in Clinical Oncology have been organised:

Next event:

For further information regarding these programme please contact:
Laura Richetti
Latin America Programme

Medical / clinical oncology