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Lung cancer programme

Coordinator: Alessandra Curioni, CH

In 2013 the Lung Cancer Programme was launched, as a consequence of the considerable scientific progress in the field, of the increasing availability of early detection measures which could effectively downstage the disease with benefits in survival and of the growing demand for advocacy initiatives in favour of these patients.
The establishment of the new programme is also consistent with the effort made by ESO to launch LuCe (Lung Cancer Europe), the first European patients advocates organisation in lung cancer.
The programme also runs the ESO observatories on lung cancer (a group of international experts presenting their views on what can be expected to happen in the field in the coming 12 months) that were held during the ELCC European Lung Cancer Conference in Geneva since 2014. Last edition was held on 13 April 2018.

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Lung Cancer

The University of Zurich in cooperation with the European School of Oncology, is presenting a structured Certificate of Advanced Studies in Lung Cancer program, which was developed with the contribution of internationally recognised physicians and scientists in oncology and in the specific field of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies.

The program is offered on a part-time basis using blended-learning modules and seminars, is divided in three attendance seminars and four elearning modules.

The first edition started in April 2018 and concluded in April 2019.


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For further information regarding the programme please contact:
Alexandra Zampetti
ESO Lung Cancer Programme
e-mails: azampetti@eso.net

Lung cancer