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Prostate cancer programme

Coordinator: R. Valdagni, IT

Our approach

The widely recognised benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer may be particularly important in prostate cancer, where there are so many treatment options to choose from. It offers patients the best chance of receiving high-quality medical procedures administered by a team of specialists in prostate disease, which is able to tailor treatment and observational strategies to their need, and ensure access to specialist counselling, supportive care and rehabilitation.

Read and download the PDF version of the article:
The Requirements of a Specialist Prostate Cancer Unit: A Discussion Paper From the European School of Oncology
Authors: Riccardo Valdagni, Peter Albers, Chris Bangma, Lawrence Drudge-Coates, Tiziana Magnani, Clare Moynihan, Chris Parker, Kathy Redmond, Cora N. Sternberg, Louis Denis, Alberto Costa
EJC, Volume 47, No. 1, January 2011 pages 1-7

The ESO Prostate Cancer Programme

ESO felt the need to organise specific educational activities in prostate cancer after the success of the Inside Track Conference: “Predictive Modelling in Prostate Cancer” held in Venice on 17-19 April 2008.
More than 240 participants from 23 countries attended the talks by opinion leaders in the field of prostate cancer prediction (Gene profile, Biomarkers, Histopathology, Systems Pathology, Indolent Cancer, Surgery, Radiation, Medical Oncology, etc).


  1. Contribute culturally to the fight against prostate cancer
  2. Organise focused educational events
  3. Support the advocacy group “Europa Uomo - The European Prostate Coalition” (www.europa-uomo.org)
  4. Address the issue of the multidisciplinary management of prostate cancer.

Core Topics

  1. Predictive modelling
  2. Active surveillance
  3. Multidisciplinary and multiprofessional approach to and management of to the disease


Predictive modelling: ESO Inside Track Conferences

Active surveillance: ESO Inside Track Conference

Multidisciplinary approach to the disease: Prostate Cancer Units


  • The Requirements of a Specialist Prostate Cancer Unit. A Discussion  Paper From the European School of Oncology
    EJC, Volume 47, No. 1, January 2011 pages 1-7
  • Poster Prostate Cancer Units in Europe: from utopia to dream to reality?
    Anticancer Research , vol. 31, n. 5, 2011 (abstract n. 247)
  • Prostate Cancer Units – has it come the time to discuss this thorny issue and promote their establishment in Europe?
    European Urology (accepted for publication, 31 July 2011)
  • Prostate Cancer Units: the Patients' perspective
    European Urology (accepted for publication, 31 July 2011)
  • Europa Uomo – The European Prostate Coalition co-operates with ESO within the Prostate Programme.
    This is a contribution written by Louis Denis, Secretary of Europa Uomo.
    Prostate cancer Units (PCU): A Patients’ Perspective
    ecancermedicalscience, 2 August 2011

Scientific sessions:

Prostate Cancer Observatory®: Innovation and care in the next 12 months

The scope of the session is to provide the participants with a take home message on what they can expect to happen in the prostate cancer field in the next 12/24 months.

e-learning activities: e-sessions

Several outstanding e-sessions are organised  in the frame of www.e-eso.net to address the areas of interest and the topic of prostate cancer in general.
Please see www.e-eso.net
e-sessions on prostate cancer are scheduled regularly and can be attended here  

For further information please contact:
Roberta Ventura
ESO Prostate Cancer Programme

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