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What we do

ESO is the one of the most established organisations exclusively dedicated to increasing the knowledge of health professionals in all fields of cancer medicine. We do this through organising both online and offline learning opportunities, hosting conferences and events and creating individualised career development programmes.



Our Masterclasses are five days of full immersion educational events, hosted all over Europe. They are multidisciplinary, interactive and engaging events that facilitate learning, networking and dialogue amongst participants and experts.


Refresher Courses

Our Refresher Courses are short but intensive sessions focused on specific cancers. They are designed for young medical and clinical oncologists looking to find out about the latest therapeutic options, how to manage difficult patient situations or even participate in real life clinical case presentations.


Multidisciplinary Course in Oncology for Medical Students

These summer courses have been designed to introduce medical students oncology, they give participants an idea of what it is like to work in oncology today.

Postgraduate Programmes

Certificates of Competence and Advanced Studies are academically recognized postgraduate study programmes focusing on a specific tumour type. Programmes are currently available for lymphoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, prostate cancer and gynaecological cancers.




Clinical Training Centres Fellowship Programme

Our CTC Fellowship Programme supports young and promising health professionals in their career development. Through this Fellowship, trainee oncologists spend 3 – 6 months at a European Centre of Excellence expanding their knowledge in their speciality whilst gaining multidisciplinary experience in a clinical setting.

Online Courses

ESO offers a variety of online learning options. An Online Course is a series of online lectures, pre-recorded videos and panel discussions with world-class oncology experts specifically created for an area of study.
It is an excellent way to expand your knowledge about specific scientific, clinical, and treatment aspects of oncology with our world-class experts as well as the chance to participate in group discussions with these experts and your international peers.
It is a great way to expand your knowledge about a specific topic whilst still fitting into your busy schedule.

The events are provided by our e-Learning platform e-ESO




ESO Observatories are high-level sessions organised during major international conferences with the aim of providing the audience with updated and unbiased information on a given topic and a forecast of what members of the panel expect to happen in their own field of competence and expertise in the coming 12 months.

Visiting Professorships

An ESO Visiting Professorship is when a renowned expert visits a clinical institute to deliver an educational lesson on a specific topic the institute has requested.