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2nd Masterclass in Oncology Nursing

Not eligible for ESCO credits

01.03.2008  -  06.03.2008

Sofia, Bulgaria




The new-formatted Masterclass in Oncology Nursing programme is designed for medical oncologists and oncology nurses as a multi-professional joint event. Five intensive days of full immersion in modern oncology will create a collective spirit of teaching and learning to improve clinical skills and patient care.
In organ-oriented Clinical sessions focusing on breast cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer, an international faculty of experts will deliver clear knowledge of today’s practice and address cutting-edge therapeutic strategies.
Spotlight sessions will facilitate compact updates on prevention and early detection, angiogenesis, targeted therapies (including a roundtable discussion on drug regulation and affordability), paediatric oncology, cancer in the elderly, haematological diseases, ovarian cancer, melanoma and sarcoma, prostate cancer, sexuality, palliative care and supportive care.
Essential knowledge sessions in oncological imaging, pathology, radiotherapy and surgical oncology strategies provie sound background on what is new.
Patient-oriented multi-professional sessions on breast, colorectal and lung cancer are forums to create
harmony and synthesis of knowledge and culture in oncology.
Practical training will be offered in the frame of group mentor sessions on research proposals and symptom

General information

For futher information:
Rudi Brike
European Oncology Nursing Society, EONS Secretariat
E. Mounierlaan 83
1200 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 779 9923
Fax: +32 2 779 9937
Email: eons.secretariat@skynet.be

The Masterclass programme will be accredited by the European Oncology Nursing Society.