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8th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology

Not eligible for ESCO credits

21.03.2009  -  26.03.2009

Sintra, Portugal


Medical / clinical oncology


Aims and objectives
This clinically oriented educational programme has been designed for dedicated oncologists who wish to improve
their skills or those who are preparing for the national board exam. The programme will expose participants to a full spectrum of issues in clinical oncology and to practice-oriented training. The programme focuses on breast, colorectal, gynaecological, head and neck, lung cancers and other thoracic malignancies. Spotlight sessions will facilitate compact update on haematological diseases, renal cell cancer, testicular cancer, supportive care, immunotherapy, cancer and pregnancy, adolescent patients, and long-term survivorship.

Teaching format
The Masterclass offers plenary lectures with state-of-the-art treatments with reference to clinical guidelines and which will conclude in take-home messages. Participants will deliver case presentations within small groups and discuss these with the chair and the faculty. All participants will reside at the course venue and participation is compulsory throughout the course. The Masterclass will be entirely in English and fluency in English is necessary for admission. Participants of the concomitant Masterclass in Nursing Oncology will join selected medical sessions.

Application for CME recognition will be submitted to the Accreditation Council for Oncology in Europe, whilst the event has been accredited with 25 category 1 ESMO-MORA points.

The Masterclass is part of the Sharing Progress in Cancer Care programme whose sustaining members are:Amgen, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline Oncology, Merck and Novartis.

General information

The Masterclass is:
- A one-week residential educational event
- Full immersion
- Clinically-oriented
- Multidisciplinary
- An international faculty of top experts delivering lectures focusing on breast, colorectal, gynaecological, head and neck, urological and lung cancers

Faculty list


M. Aapro, IMO Clinique de Genolier, FMH Oncologie-Hématologie, Genolier, CH
J. Bernier, Genolier Swiss Medical Network, Dept. of Radiotherapy, Genolier, CH
S. Bracarda, Ospedale S. Maria della Misericordia, Dept. of Medical Oncology, Perugia,IT
F. Cardoso, Jules Bordet Institute, Medical Oncology Clinic, Brussels, BE
M. Cullen, University Hospital Birmingham, Cancer Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK
L. Denis, Oncology Center Antwerp,  Antwerp, BE
T. Eisen, University of Cambridge, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK
M. Fey, Universitäts für Medizinische Onkologie, Inselspital, Bern, CH
W. Gatzemeier, Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Breast Unit, Rozzano-Milano, IT
M. Ghielmini, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Div. of Medical Oncology, Bellinzona, CH
R. Glynne-Jones, Mount Vernon Centre for Cancer Treatment, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Northwood, UK
S. Junius, University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Leuven, BE
J.L. Lefèbvre, Institut Centre Oscar Lambret, Head and Neck Department, Lille, FR
J. Maher, Macmillan Cancer Support, Chief Medical Officer, London, UK
A. Padhani, Mount Vernon Hospital, Paul Strickland Scanner Center, Northwood, UK
O. Pagani, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Dept. of Medical Oncology, Lugano,CH
N. Pavlidis, University of Ioannina, Div. of Medical Oncology, Ioannina, GR
R. Popescu, Hirslanden Klinik Aarau, Tumor Center - Dept. of Medical Oncology, Aarau, CH
C. J.A. Punt, University Medical Center St. Radboud, Dept. of Medical Oncology, Nijmegen, NL
N. Reed, Beatson Oncology Centre, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, UK
L. Rowett, ESMO Executive Director – Annals of Oncology, Oxford, UK
T. Seufferlein, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Dept. of Internal Medicine I, Halle, DE
R. Stahel, University Hospital Zürich, Clinic and Policlinic for Oncology, Zurich, Switzerland, CH
I. Taylor, Royal Free & University College Medical School, Dept. of Surgery, London, UK
E. Van Cutsem, University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Dept. Internal Medicine - Digestive Oncology Unit, Leuven, Belgium, BE
P. Van Houtte, Institut Jules Bordet, Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Bruxelles, Belgium, BE
P. Van Schil, University Hospital of Antwerp, Dept. of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, Edegem, Belgium, BE
V.M. Veloso, Portugal Institute of Oncology, Dept. of Surgery, Porto, Portugal, PL
J. Vermorken, University Hospital Antwerp, Dept. of Oncology, Edegem, Belgium, BE
G. Viale, European Institute of Oncology, Dept. of Pathology, and University of Milan, Milano, IT
J. Whelan, University College London Hospital, Dept. of Oncology, London, UK
H. Wildiers, University Hosptial Gasthuisberg, Dept. of Medical Oncology, Leuven, Belgium, BE




21 March


Participants' arrival


Clinical session Colorectal cancer I  
Chair: E. van Cutsem, BE
 14:30 The impact of biologicals in colorectal cancer         E. van Cutsem, BE 


15:10 The multimodality treatment of liver metastases         E. van Cutsem, BE


15:50 Modern management of rectal cancer         R. Glynne-Jones, UK

 16:30Coffee break


Clinical session Colorectal cancer II 
Chair: E. van Cutsem, BE                                                                     
 17:00 Surgical management of early rectal cancer         I. Taylor, UK
 17:45 DCE-MRI for assessing antiangiogenic therapy – Decision tool or decoration?         A. Padhani
 19:30Welcome dinner


22 March


Clinical session Breast cancer I 
Chair: F. Cardoso, BE


8:30 Novelties in adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer        O. Pagani, CH 
 9:30 Novelties in pre-operative chemotherapy for breast cancer        F. Cardoso, BE


Coffee break


Clinical session Breast cancer II 
Chair: F. Cardoso, BE 

 11:00 Tailoring radiotherapy in early breast cancer patients         J. Bernier, CH 


11:45 A hierarchical model for predicting breast cancer responsiveness to systemic         treatments         G. Viale, IT 
 12:30 Panel discussion           Session faculty, A. Padhani, W. Gatzemeier, IT
 14:30Spotlight session Supportive care 
M. Aapro, CH
 16:00Spotlight session Evolutions in ER+/ErbB2+ advanced breast cancer  
O. Pagani, CH 
(Sharing Progress in Cancer Care session - GlaxoSmithkline) 
 16:30Coffee break 
 17:00Case presentations by participants - 3 groups 
Group 1 R. Stahel, CH  
Group 2 N. Pavlidis, GR  
Group 3 R. Popescu, CH 


23 March


Clinical session Gynaecological cancers  
Chair: J. Vermorken, NL 


8:30  Epithelial ovarian cancer: More hope for improvement         J. Vermorken, NL 

 9:30  Cancer of the uterine cervix: How to prevent and to treat         N. Reed, UK


10:00 Endometrial cancer: Surgery is (still) the cornerstone of treatment         N. Reed, UK


Coffee break

 11:00Clinical session Head and neck cancer 
Chair: J. Bernier, CH


11:00 New challenges in managing H&N cancers: From surgical approaches to organ preservation         programs          J.L. Lefèbvre, FR 
 11:40 Multimodality treatments in locally advanced disease         J. Bernier, CH 
 12:20 Systemic treatment: Old and new concepts and how they can be combined         J. Vermorken, NL 
 14:30Spotlight session Haematological diseases 
M. Ghielmini, CH 
 16:00Spotlight session Tailored treatment of mCRC: The use of biomarkers in clinical practice 
T. Seufferlein, DE 
(Sharing Progress in Cancer Care session - Merck Serono)  
 16:30Coffee break
 17:00Case presentations by participants - 3 groups
Group 1 Rolf Stahel, CH 
Group 2 Nicholas Pavlidis, GR 
Group 3 Razvan Popescu, CH 


24 March

 8:30Clinical session State-of-the-art in endocrine therapy in prostate cancer  
Chair: L. Denis, BE


8:30   Understanding the basis and options in hormonal treatment: The new paradigm          L. Denis, BE

 9:30   Hormonal treatment in castration resistant prostate cancer          V. Veloso, PL


10:00 Radio-oncology combining hormonal treatment with appropriate radiotherapy in locally         advanced prostate cancer         S. Junius, BE


Coffee break

 11:00Spotlight session Renal cell carcinoma 
T. Eisen, UK


Spotlight session Testicular cancer 
M. Cullen, UK
 14:30Departure to the village of Sintra 
 15:00Guided tour of the National Palace of Sintra 
 16:30Departure in the directin of Estoril Coast 
 17:00Arrival in Cascais and free time 
 19:00Departure to the Restaurant Monte Mar, aperitif on the terrace and dinner 
 22:30Return to the venue (arrival 23:00) 


25 March

 8:30Clinical session Lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies I  
Chair: R. Stahel, CH


8:30 NSCLC - Decision making in surgery        P. Van Schil, BE
 9:10 NSCLC - Decision making in radiotherapy        P. Van Houtte, BE


9:50 NSCLC - Decision making in systemic therapy        R. Stahel, CH


Coffee break

 11:00Clinical session Lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies II 
Chair: R. Stahel, CH


11:00 Thymoma         P. Van Schil, BE
 11:30 Small cell lung cancer         P. Van Houtte, BE
 12:00 Mesothelioma         R. Stahel, CH
 12:30Spotlight session Advances in renal cancer therapies: Targeted therapies and mTOR inhibition 
S. Bracarda, IT
(Sharing Progress in Cancer Care session - Novartis) 
 14:30Spotlight session Adolescent patients 
J. Whelan, UK
 15:15Keynote lecture - Everything you ever wanted to know about medical publishing but were afraid to 
L. Rowett, UK
 16:00Spotlight session Appropriate management of elderly breast cancer patients 
H. Wildiers, BE
(Sharing Progress in Cancer Care session - Amgen) 
 16:30Coffee break 
 17:00Spotlight session Cancer and pregnancy 
N. Pavlidis, GR
 17:45Case presentations by participants - 3 groups  
Group 1 Rolf Stahel, CH
Group 2 Nicholas Pavlidis, GR
Group 3 Razvan Popescu, CH


26 March

   8:30Keynote lecture - Critical interpretation of clinical trials and the respective literature 
M. Fey, CH


Spotlight session Development in immunotherapy (example of melanoma) 
C. J.A. Punt, NL
 10:30Coffee break


Spotlight session Long-term survivorship 
L. Denis, BE


11:00 Cancer as a chronic disease         J. Maher, UK

 11:30 Prognosis for long-term survivors         L. Denis, BE


 13:00Airport transfers and departures