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Chairs: L. Sharp, SE - B. Grube, DK
C. Lacerda, PT
Advisor: A. Margulies, CH

The Masterclass in Oncology Nursing programme is designed for European advanced oncology nurses as a multi-professional joint event. Five intensive days of full immersion in up-to-date oncology will create a collective spirit of teaching and learning to improving clinical skills and patient care.

Nursing sessions are specific nursing-oriented sessions exploring specialist practice skills such as assessment and decision making, communication skills, complex symptom management, research in nursing, psychosocial consequences of cancer therapy to mention a few.
Other sessions will provide the forum for reviewing and understanding the growing evidence base for nursing interventions and reflect on participant’s role in clinical leadership. Case studies will be presented by the participants and will explore nursing practice focusing on special aspects of care.

In joint clinical sessions, nurses will, together with physicians, update their clinical knowledge about the latest issues for the management of various cancers, with an international faculty of experts. Special joint sessions will highlight and support the growing need for multiprofessionality in chosen topics.

Practical training will be offered in smaller group sessions, case study sessions focusing on skills necessary for patient care management.

The Masterclass aims to prepare oncology nurses for future senior roles and enhance their clinical knowledge in the management of the cancer patient during all phases of the cancer journey. Following completion of the course nurses will be able to use evidence based knowledge in effective symptom management and interventions with the aim to improve patient experience, symptom management and care.

Learning outcomes:

Understand new developments in oncology disease management.
Recognise and describe acute and late adverse effects of cancer and its treatment.
Identify complex patient needs across the cancer trajectory.
Demonstrate understanding of advanced communication skills in oncology nursing care.
Critically appraise the evidence for cancer symptom management and care interventions.
Reflect on theoretical underpinnings of decision making.
Describe the role of the advanced oncology nurse in leading clinical nursing care.

The Masterclass offers plenary lectures regarding state-of-the-art clinical evaluation and treatments with reference to clinical guidelines and which will include notes and resources. Participants will be supported within small groups and discuss personal development plans with tutors in the faculty. Skills based clinical sessions will be interactive and participants must be prepared to join in. All participants will reside at the course venue and participation in the nursing sessions is compulsory throughout the course.
The Masterclass will be entirely in English and fluency in English is necessary for admission.
Participants of the Masterclass in Nursing Oncology will attend selected medical sessions. Clinical case studies, submitted prior to the course, will be a requirement for all participants. The faculty will evaluate which case studies will be presented for group discussion.

A 5-day residential educational event
Full immersion
An international faculty of top experts delivering advanced concepts


The Masterclass in Oncology Nursing is
an ESO-EONS joint event



General information

European Oncology Nursing Society, EONS Secretariat
c/o haysmacintyre,
26 Red Lion Square,
London, WC1R 4AG,
United Kingdom

Rudi Brike
E. Mounier  83
1200 Brussels, Belgium
Phone +32 2 779 9923, Fax +32 2 779 9937

The Masterclass programme will be accredited by the European Oncology Nursing Society.


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Would you like to see what last year’s participants got up to? Take a look at a Storify we created with comments and pictures from the 2015 Masterclass.

Faculty list


M. Aapro, Clinique de Genolier, Dept. of Oncology, Genolier, CH
A. Arber, University of Surrey, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Guildford, UK
J. Bernier, Genolier Swiss Medical Network, Dept. of Radio-Oncology, Genolier, CH
P. Casali, National Cancer Institute, Dept. of Medical Oncology, Milan, IT
K. Cedermark, Regional Cancer Centre; Stockholm, SE
A. Cervantes
, Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valencia, Haematology and Medical Dept., Valencia, ES
G. Curigliano, European Institute of Oncology, Early Drug Development for Innovative Therapies Division, Milano, IT
T. Eisen, University of Cambridge, Dept. of Oncology, Cambridge, UK
K. Fizazi, Institut Gustave Roussy, Dept. of Cancer Medicine, Villejuif, FR
W. Gatzemeier, Humanitas Cancer Center, Breast Unit, Rozzano, IT
M. Ghielmini, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland (IOSI), Div. of Medical Oncology, Bellinzona, CH
B. Grube, Danish Nurses Organisation, Depf. of Education for Advanced Cancer Nurses, Copenhagen, DK
L. Henry, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK
A. Horwich
, The Royal Marsden Hospital - Institute of Cancer Research, Dept. of Clinical Oncology, Sutton, UK
A. Hoy, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Lead for Advanced Communication Skills SWSH, Esher, Surrey, UK
R. Huddart, The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) - Royal Marsden Hospital, Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging, Sutton, Surrey, UK
D. Kelly, Cardiff University, School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff, UK

C. Lacerda, Portuguese Institute of Oncology, Lisbon, PT
A. Margulies, Clinical Oncology Nurse, EONS Executive Board, Zurich, CH
O. Pagani, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland (IOSI), Breast Unit, Bellinzona, CH
N. Pavlidis, University Hospital of Ioannina, Div. of Medical Oncology, Ioannina, GR
F.A. Peccatori, Istituto Europeo di Oncologia, Dept. of Fertility and Procreation in Oncology, Milano, IT
B. Pestalozzi, University Hospital, Oncology Clinic, Zurich, CH
S. Peters, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Dept. of Oncology, Lausanne, CH
L. Sharp, Regional Cancer Centre, Stockholm-Gotland, Cancer Care Improvement Dpt., Stockholm, SE
R.A. Stahel, University Hospital Zurich, Clinic for Oncology, Zurich, CH
S. Stoll, Universitäts Spital Zürich, Clinic for Oncology, Zurich, CH
T. Szucs, Basel University, Institute of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Basel, CH
C. Taylor, Macmillan Nurse Consultant in Colorectal Cancer London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, UK
E. van Muilekom
, Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Urology Dpt., Amsterdam, NL
J.B. Vermorken, University Hospital Antwerp, Dept. of Medical Oncology, Edegem, BE
M. Weller, University Hospital Zurich, Dept. of Neurology, Zurich, CH
Y. Wengström, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, SE
A. Wichi, University Hospital - Basel, CH


12 March


Participants' arrival, airport transfers, registration

 12:30 Lunch      
 13:45 Focus on ESO, ESMO and EONS
F.A. Peccatori, IT - R.A. Stahel, CH - A. Margulies, CH

Communication Skills Workshop - 2 Groups
A. Arber, UK - A. Hoy, UK       
Team communication and safety
L. Sharp, SE
 14:15 Professional expectations
A. Margulies, CH

Coffee break
Communication Skills Workshop - 2 Groups 
A. Arber, UK - A. Hoy, UK

Team communication and safety
L. Sharp, SE
 16:00 Professional expectations
A. Margulies, CH

Coffee break  
Communication Skills Workshop - 2 Groups
A. Arber, UK - A. Hoy, UK
 17:45 Team communication and safety
L. Sharp, SE

 17:45 Professional expectations
A. Margulies, CH
  19:15 Meet and Greet MON Participants
B. Grube, DK - C. Lacerda, PT


 13 March

 8:30 Lung cancer, a general overview for nurses and nursing interventions
K. Cedermark, SE      
 9:30 Spotlight session State of the art approaches to brain tumours   
M. Weller, CH
 10:00 Spotlight session Physical activity / exercise and Cancer   
Y. Wengström, SE
 10:30 Coffee break


Targeted Therapy
A. Margulies, CH

A. Margulies, CH





Radiotherapy - principals and new methods
L. Sharp, SE

Case discussions 1 Radiotherapy and side effects
L. Sharp, SE - B. Grube, DK
Spotlight session Bone health and cancer   
S. Peters, CH
Cultural differences in cancer care
C. Lacerda,PT - B. Grube, DK
 17:30 Discussion
C. Lacerda,PT - B. Grube, DK
 18:30 Aperitif and reflection/discussion
L. Sharp, SE
 19:30 Dinner 


 14 March

 8:30 Spotlight session Cancer of unknown primary   
N. Pavlidis, GR      
 9:00 Spotlight session New oncological emergencies   
B. Pestalozzi, CH
 9:30 Spotlight session Key points on how to write a scientific paper/review   
M. Aapro
 10:00 Spotlight session Treatment of elderly cancer patients   
M. Aapro, CH
 10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Clinical session Genito-urinary cancers I   
Chair: A. Horwich, UK
  Hormone therapy for prostate cancer   
A. Horwich, UK
Endocrine resistant - refractory prostate cancer   
K. Fizazi, FR
Current controversies on testicular tumours   
R. Huddart, UK
Metastatic renal cancer: evidence-based treatment   
T. Eisen, UK
13:00  Lunch   

Research publications/ problem-based learning
L. Sharp, SE - D. Kelly, UK
Research publications/ problem-based learning
E. Van Muilekom, NL - B. Grube, DK
To be announced
 16:00 Spotlight session Advanced Oncology Practice - Workforce Demand and Innovation  
D. Kelly, UK
 Spotlight session Health economics   
T. Szucs, CH      
 Aperitif and reflection/discussion
A. Margulies, CH


 15 March

 8:30 Spotlight session Genetics/Genetic counselling   
S. Stoll, CH      
 9:00  Spotlight session Haematological diseases - focus on lymphomas and myeloma   
M. Ghielmini, CH
 9:45 Spotlight session Sarcomas and GIST    
P. Casali, IT
 10:30 Coffee break

D. Kelly, UK
 12:00 Case discussions 2
L. Sharp, SE - B. Grube, DK
Colorectal cancers, a general overview for nurses
A. Wichi, CH
 15:00 Nursing interventions for colorectal cancers
C. Taylor, UK
Spotlight session Biosimilars   
G. Curigliano, IT
Spotlight session Fertility preservation / Cancer and pregnancy   
F.A. Peccatori, IT
Aperitif and reflection/discussion
B. Grube, DK

Special evening 


 16 March

 Case discussions 3
L. Sharp, SE - B. Grube, DK - C. Lacerda, PT

Clinical session Breast cancer I   
Chair: G. Curigliano, IT    
  (Neo)Adjuvant chemotherapy and biological agents    
G. Curigliano, IT  
(Neo)Adjuvant endocrine therapy    
O. Pagani, CH  
Coffee break
Clinical session Breast cancer II   
Chair: O. Pagani, CH        
  Current controversies and challenges in breast surgery    
W. Gatzemeier, IT  
Management of HER-2+ and triple negative advanced breast cancer    
G. Curigliano, IT
Management of ER+ advanced breast cancer    
O. Pagani, CH  
Essentials and news in breast cancer radiation therapy   
J. Bernier, CH  

L. Sharp, SE - A. Margulies, CH - D. Kelly, UK - E. Van Muilekom, NL    
 15:45 Coffee break
 16:15 Nutrition and cancer
l. Henry, UK
Aperitif and reflection/discussion
C. Lacerda, PT



 17 March

 8:30 Clinical session Gynaecological cancers   
Chair: J.B. Vermorken, BE  
  Ovarian cancer   
J.B. Vermorken, BE
  Reflections on the expectations - Verbal course evaluation
B. Grube, DK
10:30  Coffee break
 11:00 Learning assessment test
 12:00 Closing remarks