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Lymphoma programme

Scientific advisor: Emanuele Zucca, CH

For more than a decade ESO has promoted initiatives that have furthered education in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma.

Lymphoma advanced course
This is an intensive and interactive course organised in co-operation with the International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML). It takes place immediately before the ICML, which is held every two years in Ascona or in Lugano, Switzerland. 

The international faculty, including ICML key note lecturers, guides participants through the complexity of the biology and the most relevant clinical problems in leukaemia and lymphoma. It offers plenary lectures, practice-oriented training through case presentations, workshops in small groups and ample discussion slots. 

ESO Workshops at ICML
Over the years ESO has held various workshops during the International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML). These include: 

  • Bridging liquid biopsy into management of lymphoma patients: development of frameworks for clinical research and recommendations for clinical practice
  • Design of clinical trials: biological and clinical endpoints in the design of future clinical trials
  • Follicular Lymphoma: Recent Insights and Future Directions (moving towards biology-driven treatments)
  • Identification of diffuse large B cell lymphoma subtypes: a way towards tailored treatment
  • Lymphoma pre-treatment assessment and response evaluation in the new millennium

Certificate of Competence in Lymphoma
This blend of traditional seminars and distance learning is organised in co-operation with the University of Ulm. The programme is ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) accredited across Europe. Unlike CME credits (Continuous Medical Education), these are recognised by Europe’s academic establishments.

The initiative opens up a new educational avenue for ESO through professional development in the competence of treating lymphoma patients.

The programme integrates three attendance seminars with four e-Learning modules over a period of 14 months. It involves a total of 405 hours of study, leading to 14 ECTS points.

Further information can be found here

Fellowship opportunities
ESO also offers Clinical Training Centres Fellowship placements in Lymphoma at various centres of excellence across Europe. Further details on this programme can be found here.

Online Learning Opportunities


e-ESO is the European School of Oncology’s online learning platform, providing free educational excellence wherever you are in the world. e-ESO offers different e-learning materials on this topic: 

Lymphoma e- Sessions
Lymphoma Pathways

For further information regarding the programme please contact: lymphoma@eso.net

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