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Clinical Training Centres Fellowship Programme

The Clinical Training Centres Fellowship programme is a core activity of the European School of Oncology. Its aim is to support young and promising health professionals in the development of their careers in cancer care. The programme gives oncology professionals the opportunity to spend a period of time at a Centre of Excellence in Europe where they will sharpen their skills in their specialty and grow their experience in a specially designed, multidisciplinary clinical setting.

 ESO currently has 3 Fellowship programmes on offer:

Fellowship Programmes

Here is a list of programmes offered by our CTC centres



Advanced Interventional Radiation Oncology and Proton Therapy
Breast cancer

Breast Surgery

Clinical and Translational Research in Immunotherapy for solid tumours

Colorectal surgery

Diagnostic Imaging Program on Oncology disease

Experimental Cancer Medicine Team Programme in Immune Oncology
Gastro-intestinal cancer
Genito-urinary cancer

Gynaecological oncology surgery

Gynecological cancer

Head and Neck Cancer

Hematological malignancies

Hepatic, pancreatic and biliary tract surgery & medical

Leukemia and lymphoma
Lung cancer

Management of Interventional Oncology

New drug development

(view seperate section)

Oncology, palliative care and hematology

Paediatric Oncology
(view seperate section)

Palliative Cancer Care


Prostate surgery

Radiation Oncology
Solid tumors oncology

Visceral (gastrointestinal) oncology