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Champalimaud Clinical Centre

Lisbon, Portugal

Person responsible for CTC programme: Fatima Cardoso

Hospital overview

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC) is a state-of-the-art centre for science, medicine and technology, belonging to the Champalimaud Foundation. The CCC hosts a clinical facility for integrated treatment of oncologic and neuropsychiatric diseases, translational research activities and advanced programmes of medical education.
The CCC is fully equipped to offer the latest techniques and methods in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the breast, gynaecological, thoracic, genito-urinary malignancies and digestive tract. Our experienced physicians and scientists work together in multidisciplinary Disease Management Teams to bring all available knowledge and techniques to bear in the provision of personalised, patient-oriented medicine. Risk assessment and early diagnosis of disease is a primary concern of all units.
The CCC also includes a Neuropsychiatry Unit which provides care in this area as well as working closely with the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme to ensure that this work fits the Foundation's translational model of medical science.
All of the Champalimaud Foundation's medical faculty are involved in research projects.

CTC programmes offered

1. Champalimaud Breast Unit Clinical Training

Discipline: Medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology and breast imaging
Programme mentor: Fatima Cardoso, MD, Director Breast Unit
Duration: 3 - 6 months
Type: Observership Residency
Language requirements:
Intermediate or higher level of English is required
Programme description:

We propose a 3-6 month clinical training period in the BREAST UNIT of the CCC:
The Champalimaud Breast Unit investigates and works daily to improve the burden of breast cancer - the most common form of cancer in women and one of the principal causes of oncologic death, with around 1500 mortalities per annum in Portugal and about 700.000 deaths annually worldwide.
Multidisciplinary meetings are held every week in the Breast Unit for treatment decisions, and consultations are shared between specialties whenever necessary. In the multidisciplinary meetings, besides the members of the Breast Unit, which includes breast medical oncologists, breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, breast radiation oncologists, breast radiologists, breast pathologists, palliative care specialists and geneticists and specialized nurses, we count also with the participation and of nuclear medicine specialists, psycho-oncologists,.

All members of the Unit are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the breast.
The Breast Unit team is committed to achieving the best outcomes for its patients in the various possibilities of diagnosis and treatment, while simultaneously striving to ensure high quality of life, respect for patients’ preferences and the very best standard of care.
It is our belief that breakthroughs are achieved through clinical and translational research combined with outstanding medical care which follows international directives. All treatments and second opinions are based on scientific evidence, with various clinical trials currently underway and others due to open shortly.

The following members of the Breast Unit are in charge of the training program at the Breast Unit:

Medical Oncology and General Coordination: Fatima Cardoso, MD
Surgical Oncology: Maria João Cardoso, MD, PhD
Radiation Oncology: Javier Morales, MD
Breast Pathology: Maria José Brito, MD
Breast Imaging: Celeste Alves, MD
Support and Palliative Care: Tatiana Louro, MD

Work structure: 

Clinical: Our Breast Unit is considered a reference centre in Portugal and abroad, frequently searched for primary and advanced breast cancer treatments and second opinions. There are several out-patient clinics during the week, and one multidisciplinary meeting with the presence of all specialties involved in breast cancer care.

Medical oncologists are exclusively dedicated to Breast Cancer, both early and advanced settings, with a special emphasis in the treatment of advanced breast cancer, breast cancer during pregnancy, breast cancer in young women and in male patients.

Surgery for Breast Cancer is undertaken by dedicated breast and plastic surgeons; members of the surgical team work together applying the concept of oncoplastic surgery to all patients. Our Unit is considered a Level 3 Oncoplastic Unit, performing more than 50 breast reconstructions/year, using all the available techniques including microsurgery.

Radiotherapy is undertaken under the supervision of dedicated breast radiation oncologists using the most recent techniques and equipment tailored to patient’s needs.

Breast Imaging is provided by dedicated breast radiologists, with all major breast imaging and biopsying techniques available.

Dedicated Breast Nurses provide clinical and psycho-social support to patients.