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Hopital Riviera-Chablais

Rennaz, Switzerland

Person responsible for CTC programme: Dr Alexandru Eniu

Hospital overview

Hopital Riviera-Chablais (HRC) is the hospital for the Riviera and Chablais regions in Switzerland. More than 2,000 employees work serving patients residing in an area of 180,000 people, located between the cantons of Vaud and Valais. HRC offers outpatient consultations and treatments, an emergency service, acute care, hospitalization services and rehabilitation.

The medical oncology service, created in July 2020, offers patients in the Riviera and Chablais complete care with cutting-edge technology. Today, the Outpatient Medical Oncology Service carries out around 14,000 consultations per year. Patients followed in oncology benefit from a cutting-edge technical platform and the proximity of all the specialists working in the same hospital including radiotherapy, and brought together under the Oncology Pole with one goal, that of defining optimal diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Each situation is discussed by the multidisciplinary team during weekly conferences. The Oncology Pole brings together and establishes collaborations between the services and units necessary for care by an interdisciplinary medical community.

CTC programmes offered

1. Solid tumors oncology


Medical Oncology

Programme mentors:

Dr Emanuela Salati, Dr Ana Durigova, Dr Roma Malval, Dr Asteria Nikolopoulou, Dr Alexandru Eniu

Duration: 3 - 6 months

Visiting Observership and Visiting Residency

Language requirements:

Before accepting, please note that candidates will be interviewed in French. Therefore, a minimum intermediate level of French is required.

Programme description:

3 months in the oncology department, rotating with the physicians in charge to observe the daily work for breast, GI, lung, gynaecological, H&N and general oncology outpatient clinics. In addition, attendees will be able to see the organisation and functioning of our multidisciplinary tumorboards and to experience the clinical and administrative patient management.