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The Royal Marsden - NHS Foundation Trust

London, United Kingdom

Person responsible for CTC programme: Dr. Susana Banerjee

Hospital overview

The Royal Marsden Hospital

is a world-leading cancer centre specialising in diagnosis, treatment, care, education and research. Together with its academic partner, The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), it comprises one of the largest comprehensive cancer centres in Europe, employing over 3,000 scientific, clinical and nursing staff. The joint institution demonstrates the breadth and depth in basic biomedical, translational and clinical research, and provides a highly active clinical research environment where the majority of senior clinicians are engaged in leading or supporting research projects and clinical trials. The Royal Marsden Hospital provides inpatient, day care and outpatient services for cancer patients. There are over 500 clinical research projects active at any one time and high patient recruitment rates to clinical trials.

The Royal Marsden Hospital offers training to medical oncologists, clinical oncologists and surgical oncologists. A fellowship at the Royal Marsden Hospital offers valuable education from leaders in the field, providing fellows with opportunities to develop clinical and research skills to become future leaders in oncology. Surgical oncologists will only be accepted for 'residency' fellowships.

Please be aware that Residency fellows will need to obtain GMC registration in order to practise in the UK. Please review their website for details on what this involves https://www.gmc-uk.org/ before applying.


CTC programmes offered

1. Gynaecological Cancers programme

Discipline: Medical Oncology
Programme mentor: Susana Banerjee
Duration: 3 - 6 months
Type: Visiting Residency and Visiting Observership
Language requirements: Fluent in English
Programme description:

The Gynaecology Unit at the Royal Marsden serves a population of 1.7 million and is also a tertiary referral centre for more complex cases or second opinions. Our Unit treats ovarian (including germ cell), endometrial, cervical, vaginal and vulval cancers.  Management of these tumour types requires a multidisciplinary team approach, and the Gynaecology Unit's clinical research programme reflects this. Dr Susana Banerjee, consultant medical oncologist, is Research Lead. The Unit works in partnership with the Institute of Cancer Research. The number of women undergoing treatment within the Unit, together with the clinical and laboratory research infrastructure has led to significant, pioneering work in gynaecological cancers impacting on patient management. Our interests include BRCA-associated ovarian cancers, PARP inhibitors, anti-angiogenic agents and the PI3K pathway. We have close collaborations with colleagues (Prof de Bono, Dr Udai Banerji and team) in the Drug Development Unit at Royal Marsden Sutton, so that there is a seamless transition of developing drugs in gynaecological cancers from Phase I trials.

Our clinical trials portfolio focuses on scientifically-driven trials and includes phase I/II to phase III trials. The Medical Gynaecological Oncology Team comprises clinical trials co-ordinators, data managers, research nurses and clinical fellows at the London and Surrey sites.

A 3-6 month clinical fellowship is an exciting opportunity to gain clinical experience in the management of gynaecological cancers in a world-leading centre. The Unit supports research interests of individual fellows and opportunities to be involved in translational research and clinical trials. Fellows will be based across the Royal Marsden Chelsea (London) and Sutton (Surrey) sites.

2. Sarcoma programme

Discipline: Medical Oncology, Radiation
Programme mentor: Charlotte Benson
Duration: 3 - 6 months
Type: Visiting Residency and Visiting Observership
Language requirements: Fluent in English
Programme description:

The sarcoma oncology unit based at The Royal Marsden Hospital registers more than 850 patients a year, many of whom come for primary disease management or for second opinions regarding further therapy. This combination of patient numbers and research infrastructure makes it ideally placed to make a major contribution to sarcoma research nationally and internationally.


More than 20 years ago the Sarcoma Unit established a comprehensive, prospectively maintained clinical database and now has data on 10,000 patients, providing a hugely valuable resource. This has generated a steady flow of research papers, providing valuable information on the behaviour of individual diseases and hypothesis generating ideas for future, disease-orientated clinical trials.


The Sarcoma Unit maintains a portfolio of clinical trials that encompass the major sarcoma subtypes, supporting the studies being conducted by the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI), Sarcoma Clinical Studies Group, the EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma Group, working with Pharma on industry- sponsored trials and conducting its own, investigator-initiated studies. The clinical trials team comprises a Clinical Trials Coordinator, a Data Manager / Trials Coordinator, 2 research nurses and a Clinical Research Fellow, supported from local research funds or visiting fellowships.

The Head of the Unit is Dr Robin Jones.

There are four out-patient clinics in the week, one of which is multidisciplinary with surgical, medical oncology and radiation oncology patients seen on the same afternoon.

The importance of multidisciplinary management in sarcoma is reflected by the heavy support from several various oncology teams to provide a complete and complex specialist care for our sarcoma patients. Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Meetings are held twice weekly, during which diagnosis and treatment of new patients is discussed, post-operative care is determined and the management of complex cases is discussed. A meeting to discuss thoracic surgical patients is held each week. Surgery for sarcoma is undertaken by dedicated surgical oncologists. For cases requiring reconstruction there is an extensive plastic and reconstructive surgical team available for collaborative surgical working. In addition, the MDT extended team includes dedicated representation from other site specific teams such as head and neck and gynaecology for joint surgical managements of sarcomas. The MDT additionally serves as a platform for discussion and treatment planning in patients who require specialist input from interventional radiology, thoracic surgery, palliative care, pharmacy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

All Fellows will have the opportunity to contribute to the research portfolio with their individual projects, leading to published abstracts and papers and will have an active role in the management of patients treated within clinical trials.

Fellows will be based across the Royal Marsden Chelsea (London).