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Centre Leon Berard

Lyon, France

Person responsible for CTC programme: Professeur Jean-Yves BLAY

Hospital overview

The Centre Leon Berard (CLB) of Lyon is a Comprehensive Cancer Centers, a private non-profit organization linked to the  University  Claude  Bernard  Lyon  I,  training medical students and doctors. The CLB is affiliated to UNICANCER.

The  CLB hosts the Cancer research Center of Lyon (>600 researchers) in  4 building structures (>15000 m2), a Department of Translational research with  state of the art sequencing  facilities, translational pathology and immunology, a  large biological resource center (>25000 samples), a Clinical Research Department running national and international clinical trials with over 2,000 patients in clinical trials.

CLB has 2,200 employees, 280 doctors, 315 beds + 215 beds  for homecare hospitalisation, 11 operating rooms,  linear accelerators, tomo & cyberknife, protonbeam therapy in Nice,  interventional radiology. Its national and international expertises includes breast cancer, rare cancers, gastrointestinal cancer, gynecological, thoracic cancer, hematology, urological cancers, head and neck cancer, oncogenetics, pediatric tumours, molecular and precision medecine of cancer, immunotherapy of cancer, & dedicated departments on supportive and palliative care and homecare. The Centre Léon Bérard also treats paediatric, adolescent and young adult cancers.

The CLB participates to international consortia (WIN,GCIG,ICGC,SIOPe,EORTC) & rare cancer networks (Sarcoma,Ovarian, Mesothelioma, Pediatrics...), leading the  European Reference Network for Rare adult cancers ( EURACAN) and participating in PaedCan, the  European Reference Network for Paediatric Oncology. CLB is supported by major national & international grants (FP6, FP7, H2020).

For Residency fellowships, doctors must be accepted by the Conseil de l’Ordre des Médecins du Rhône and be able to speak French.


CTC programmes offered

1. Management of solid tumours in children and adolescents. Specificity of care in teenagers and young adult population

Discipline: Paediatric oncology
Programme mentor:

Dr Nadege Corradini, Dr Amandine Bertrand, Dr  Perrine Marec-Berard

Duration: 3 - 6 months
Type: Visiting Residency and Visiting Observership
Language requirements: Good knowledge of French or English required
Very good knowledge of French required for residency 
Programme description:

Knowledge of different solid tumours in children and adolescent
Management of children and adolescent with cancer
Management of toxicities of anticancer treatments in children
Pediatric specificities of supportive care in children (pain, nutrition, palliative care..)
Specicicities of care in teenager and young adults
Place of new drugs in pediatric oncology