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Pediatric cancer Center - Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Barcelona, Spain

Mentor of the fellowship program: Ofelia Cruz

Board of directors: Jaume Mora, Andrés Morales, Susana Rives, Guillermo Chantada, Julia Marsal

Pediatric Cancer center Overview

The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (HSJD) in Barcelona-Spain, is a highly specialized center for pediatrics and maternal health. HSJD is a Pediatric training center of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). The professionals in HSJD are involved in 21 ERN (European accreditations for complex diseases) that affect children, including ERN Paedcan.

The HSJD host the Pediatric Cancer center of Barcelona (PCCB) in a bridge connected but separate building. The PCCB is a new monographic center where 300 new national and international patients are attended each year. This is the largest Pediatric Oncology department in Spain. More than 50 pediatric oncology clinical trials are open, including early phase trials. Our center is a ITCC accredited center. The PCCB facility brings together the healthcare services aimed to care for patients with developmental cancer in one single place, as well as spaces dedicated to translational research in pediatric Oncology. There are eight different functional units dedicated to: Neoplastic Hematology, BMT, Solid Tumors, Neuro-oncology, Retinoblastoma, Survivors - quality of life, Pediatric cancer predisposition and Complementary pediatric oncology. In the PCCB there are 37 inpatient rooms, 8 BMT isolated rooms, 26 day-hospital treatment boxes, 21 outpatients’ offices, two operation rooms for oncological procedures and low complexity surgery (complex surgery, advanced imaging and PICU are located in the main HSJD building). A oncological Pharmacy and physical therapy area are also resident in the PCCB.

CTC Programmes offered

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

Disciplines: leukemia-Lymphoma- Hemopoietic Stem cell transplantation and cellular therapies, neurofibromatosis and cancer predisposition syndromes, solid tumors, Neuro-Oncology and survivorship clinics.

Duration: 3 to 6 months

Language requirements: Local language are Spanish and Catalan. The second language spoken at PCCB is English. Basic Spanish encouraged for clinical observership.

Type of program: Visiting Residency and Visiting Observership
Scope: The fellow may select a global training in general aspects of pediatric hemato-oncology or fulfil a program in any of the eight subspecialized pediatric oncology units of the PCCB.

Patients age: Children and adolescents (0-20y)

Activities:  The fellows will be included into the in-patient and out-patient team daily clinical activities. They are expected to attend the clinical tumor boards (weekly separated boards for Solid tumors, neuro-oncology, lymphoma, leukemia and BMT) and participate on the weekly oncological seminar, interactive bi-weekly journal club and the morbi-mortality session. They can benefit from local courses held in place as well as from the already online developed pediatric oncology e-courses.