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Institut Gustave Roussy

Villejuif, France

Person responsible for CTC programme: Yohann Loriot

Hospital overview

Institut Gustave Roussy is one of the leading anti-cancer centres in Europe. Based at the Paris city gates, it is a hub of global expertise united against cancer and dedicated entirely to patients. On a single campus, it brings together more than 2.100 professionals who treat patients with all kinds of cancer, do research into and assess new treatments against cancer, and share the knowledge they have acquired with students.
In addition to bringing together treatment, research and teaching in an integrated environment, the Institut has distinguished itself through innovative organisation and positioning.

Visiting Residency is only available for EU residents with French skills at Institute Gustave Roussy.

CTC programmes offered

1. Pediatric oncology: solid tumors and lymphomas
Programme mentors:

Dominique Valteau-Couanet  (Neuroblastoma)
Jacques grill (Brain tumors)
Veronique Minard -Colin (Lymphoma, TMM)
D Dufour (Médulloblastoma, high-dose Chemotherapy and Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation)
B Georger (New drug development)

Duration: 3-6 months
Type: Visisting Residency and visiting Observership
Language requirements: basic french spoken
Programme description:

Patients: Children and adolescents  (0-20y)
Specific pediatric oncology courses dedicated to fellows 1hour/day
Patient care : 32 beds (12 beds 0-12y, 10 beds adolescents, 10 beds High-dose Chemotherapy Unit and Immunotherapy)  , day care hospital (8 beds)

Around 400 new patients /year, 200 at diagnosis, 100 for specific treatments, 100 advices

Local tumor board (4h/w), regional virtual tumor boards, specific working sessions (2h/week), bibliography