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EASO Day on Lymphoma

Not eligible for ESCO credits

13.01.2009  -  01.01.1900

Alexandria, Egypt





Scope and teaching format

An intensive one day course has been designed for hemato-oncologists who wish to improve and update their knowledge about lymphoma. The course will be held one day before and in collaboration with clinical oncology department of Alexandria University, SEMCO, Ministry of Health and AORTIC.

General information

For information contact

Daniela Mengato

European School of Oncology

Via del Bollo 4

20123 Milan – Italy

Tel: +39 02 8546 4523

Fax: +39 02 8546 4545

e-mail: easo@eso.net 


Worshop venue

Dolphin room

Hotel Helnan Palestine

El Montazah Palace, Alexandria, Egypt

Phone: +203 5473500/5474033