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ESO-TURKECAG Endocrine Gland Cancers Symposium: Essentials of Thyroid Cancer Management

Not eligible for ESCO credits


Izmir, Turkey


Thyroid cancer


Chairs: M. Ansarin IT, CH - G. Icoz, TR - R. Pandev, BG
Scientific Coordinators: O. Makay, TR - B.M. Gulluoglu, TR

Masterclass will focus on topics about clinical decision making at every step of thyroid cancer surgical management. Educational, key-note and state-of-art lectures will follow interactive panel discussions with invited faculty. The lectures will cover main aspects of rational surgical approach for both primary and recurrent thyroid cancers, including their etiology, epidemiology and biology. This one-day masterclass will meet the most known experts of the field to cover all practical issues on thyroid cancer surgery. The audience will have chance to establish interactive discussions with the invited faculty all throughout the event. This clinically oriented masterclass is suitable for residents as well. Language of the meeting will be English.

Upon completion of the masterclass the participants will be able to:
• Know the etiology and current trends in frequency of thyroid cancer in different parts of the world,
• Understand the biology of thyroid cancer initiation and progression,
• Know the evidence based clinical decision making for patients with every stage of the disease,
• Learn how to manage difficult thyroid cancer cases,
• Understand the ways and implications of safe neck surgery for cancer,
• List the advantages of multidisciplinary approach to thyroid cancer cases.

• Current epidemiology of thyroid cancers
• Molecular biology of thyroid cancers
• Minimal thyroid cancer management
• Essentials of neck dissections for thyroid cancers
• Safe neck surgery
• Managing difficult cases (recurrent and locally advanced cancer)


In collaboration with:
  Turkish Endocrine Surgery Study Group
  European Society of Endocrine Surgeons
  Bulgarian Surgical Society

  Turkish Surgical Society

  Turkish Society of Endocrine Surgery
  Society of Dialogue in Endocrinology



General information

Sertac Ata Guler, MD
Executive Secretary to TURKECAG
Address: Kusdili cad. No: 1 Kat: 3, Bahariye, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Ph +90 505 3935240