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The call is now open for applications for the 15th ESO-EONS Masterclass in Oncology Nursing!

Deadline for applications: Friday 24 May 2024

Chair: J. De Munter, BE
Coordinator: M. Hellberg-Naegele, CH
Advisor: Virpi Sulosaari, FI

The Masterclass in Oncology Nursing programme is designed for European cancer nurses as a multi professional joint event.

3-and-half intensive days of full immersion in up-to-date oncology will create a collective spirit of teaching and learning to improving clinical skills and patient care.

Nursing sessions are specific nursing-oriented sessions exploring specialist practice skills such as assessment and safety, communication skills, complex symptom management, nursing research, psychosocial care delivery to mention a few.

Other sessions will provide the forum for reviewing and understanding the growing evidence base for nursing interventions and reflect on participant’s role in clinical leadership.
Case studies will be presented by the participants and will explore nursing practice focusing on special aspects of care.

Special joint sessions & workshops, together with physicians, will highlight and support the growing need for an interdisciplinary approach in various cancer care topics.

Practical training will be offered in case study sessions focusing on skills necessary for patient care management.


The Masterclass aims to prepare cancer nurses for future senior roles and enhance their clinical knowledge in the management of the cancer patient during all phases of the cancer journey. Following completion of the course nurses will be able to use evidence-based knowledge in effective symptom management and interventions with the aim to improve patient experience, symptom management and care.

  • Understand new developments in cancer disease management.
  • Recognize and describe acute and late adverse effects of cancer and its treatment.
  • Identify complex patient needs across the cancer trajectory.
  • Demonstrate understanding of advanced communication skills in cancer nursing care.
  • Critically appraise the evidence for cancer symptom management and care interventions.
  • Reflect on theoretical underpinnings of decision making.
  • Describe the role of the advanced cancer nurse in leading clinical nursing care.



The Masterclass offers plenary lectures regarding state-of-the-art clinical evaluation and treatments with reference to clinical guidelines and which will include notes and resources.

Participants will be supported within small groups and discuss personal development plans with tutors in the faculty.

Skills based clinical sessions will be interactive and participants must be prepared to join in.

All participants will reside at the course venue and participation in the nursing sessions is compulsory throughout the course.

The Masterclass will be entirely in English and fluency in English is necessary for admission.

Clinical case studies, submitted prior to the course, will be a requirement for all participants. The faculty will evaluate which case studies will be presented for individual or group discussion.

  • A 3.5-day residential educational event
  • Full immersion
  • Clinically-oriented
  • Multidisciplinary
  • An international faculty of top experts delivering advanced concepts

European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS), EONS Secretariat

The Masterclass programme will be accredited by the European Oncology Nursing Society.


  • Nurses who work most of their job time in a clinical setting, and with at least 3-5 years of clinical cancer nursing practice (a Master of Nursing Science degree is NOT mandatory)
  • Person involved in direct patient care, also combined with the management, organisations and co-ordination of cancer patient care
  • Fluent in English (reading and speaking)
  • Member of an EONS member society or individual member of EONS

Participants will be selected by means of a strict application review.

  1. Complete the application form before Friday 24th May 2024 (be aware that we request a letter of approval of you manager to upload on the application form)
  2. Applicant will be informed by Monday 1st July 2024 whether they are successful on the application
  3. Successful applicants will need to provide a clinical case study before Friday 4th October  2024

The application form is available here.

For furhter information please contact eons.secretariat@cancernurse.eu.
Only applications with all required information will be considered.




Giovanni Boniolo, University of Ferrara, Dept. of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, Ferrara, IT
Tanja Cufer, University of Ljubljana, Medical Faculty, Ljubljana, SI
Johan De Munter, University Hospital Ghent, Oncology Dpt., Ghent, BE
Matthias Hellberg Naegele, KSSG - Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Nursing Dpt., St Gallen, CH
Beata Laki, Medical School, University of Pécs, Dept. of Behavioural Sciences, Pécs, HU
An Lievrouw, University Hospital Cancer Center, Onco-psychology and Communication Dpt., Ghent, BE
Kristel Mulders, Jessa Hospital, Onco-sexology and Cancer Plan Dpt., Hasselt, BE
Uta Schmidt-Strassburger, Ulm University, Learning and Teaching, Medical Faculty, Ulm, DE
Virpi Sulosaari, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Dept. of Health and Well-Being, Turku, FI


8 November

 Arrivals and registration
19:30Welcome dinner

9 November

8:15Welcome by ESO and EONS
8:30Welcome & Introduction
9:00Professional expectations
Johan De Munter, BE - Matthias Hellberg Naegele, CH - Virpi Sulosaari, FI
10:00Developing as a nurse
Virpi Sulosaari, FI
10:45Case presentation
11:00Coffee break
11:30Prevention in cancer care
Johan De Munter, BE
12:15Occupational Safety
Matthias Hellberg Naegele, CH
13:00Lunch with the experts
14:00PARALLEL SESSIONS (together with Doctors):
 14:00WORKSHOP: Communication - Group BLUE
 14:00WORKSHOP: Communication - Group RED
An Lievrouw, BE
 14:00WORKSHOP: How to deal with sex and intimacy with cancer patients - Group YELLOW
Johan De Munter, BE
 14:00WORKSHOP: How to deal with sex and intimacy with cancer patients - Group GREEN
Kristel Mulders, BE
16:00Coffee break
16:30PARALLEL SESSIONS (together with Doctors):
 16:30WORKSHOP: Communication - Group YELLOW
 16:30WORKSHOP: Communication - Group GREEN
An Lievrouw, BE
 16:30WORKSHOP: How to deal with sex and intimacy with cancer patients - Group BLUE
Johan De Munter, BE
 16:30WORKSHOP: How to deal with sex and intimacy with cancer patients - Group RED
Kristel Mulders, BE

10 November

8:30How do new therapies work?
Tanja Cufer, SI
9:30A taste of haematology
Matthias Hellberg Naegele, CH
10:153 cases - 15' each
11:00Coffee break
11:30How to make an abstract & presentation
Virpi Sulosaari, FI
12:15Cancer Neuropathies
Matthias Hellberg Naegele, CH
13:00Lunch with the experts
14:003 cases - 15' each
14:45Interprofessional Collaboration & practice
Virpi Sulosaari, FI
15:30Oncology Emergencies
Johan De Munter, BE
16:30Coffee break
17:003 cases - 15' each
19:00Roundtable and Aperitiv: Artificial Intelligence in the next 3 years: stakeholders point of view + interactive discussion

11 November

8:30Adolescents & Young adults with cancer
Johan De Munter, BE
9:15Elderly with cancer
Virpi Sulosaari, FI
10:004 cases - 15' each
11:30Prehabilitation & rehabilitation
Johan De Munter, BE - Virpi Sulosaari, FI
12:15Advanced care planning & palliative care
Virpi Sulosaari, FI
13:00Lunch with the experts
14:00Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in cancer care
Johan De Munter, BE
14:45Symptom Management
Matthias Hellberg Naegele, CH
15:304 cases - 15' each
16:30Coffee break
 17:00Advanced Nursing roles
Virpi Sulosaari, FI
20:00Farewell Dinner

12 November

8:15How an article can fool you
Virpi Sulosaari, FI
 8:45WORKSHOP: Ethics - Group BLUE
Giovanni Boniolo, IT
 8:45WORKSHOP: Ethics - Group RED
Beata Laki, HU
 8:45WORKSHOP: Everyday tools to shift your equilibrium towards resilience - Group YELLOW
Uta Schmidt-Strassburger, DE
 8:45WORKSHOP: Everyday tools to shift your equilibrium towards resilience - Group GREEN
10:15Coffee break
10:45PARALLEL SESSIONS (together with Doctors):
 10:45WORKSHOP: Ethics - Group YELLOW
Giovanni Boniolo, IT
 10:45WORKSHOP: Ethics - Group GREEN
Beata Laki, HU
 10:45WORKSHOP: Everyday tools to shift your equilibrium towards resilience - Group BLUE
Uta Schmidt-Strassburger, DE
 10:45WORKSHOP: Everyday tools to shift your equilibrium towards resilience - Group RED
12:15Reflections on the masterclass learning
13:00Closing remarks and departures