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Internet Applications and Cancer

Not eligible for ESCO credits




Communication skills


Chairs: M. Gospodarowicz, CA - M. Aapro, CH


The European School of Oncology is pleased to present the session “Internet Applications and Cancer," which will be held during the UICC World Cancer Congress on 19 August 2010 in Shenzhen, China, chaired by M. Gospodarowicz and M. Aapro. 

The session is part of a long series of events focused on Cancer on the Internet, an original initiative of the School aiming at promoting and stimulating innovative and successful approaches to the medium.

The 2010 session will address the empowerment derived from internet in the several aspects of cancer information and care, from education for professionals to support and exchange among patients, survivors and advocates, through collaboration and progress in clinical research.

The session will furthermore host the Cancer on the Internet Award ceremony and the presentation of the winning project.
The aim of the Award is to raise awareness of the evolution of the internet and the impact of social media networks in the cancer patient community by recognising organisations and groups that have provided quality-based and easy-to-use communication platforms through the internet.
Social media networks offer patients, survivors, relatives and friends the means to connect with others, share information, experiences and insights, explore fears, identify resources, find support, and generate better informed decisions. They provide empowerment to the cancer patient community.

ESO is pleased to announce that the 2010 Award goes to CML Advocates Network www.cmladvocates.net 

We would like to quote CML Advocates Network’s aim:
“Chronic Myeloid Leukemia is a rare cancer which affects 1,5 in 100.000 population. Because of the low incidence of rare cancers, very often local support groups do not exist and existing groups are often under-resourced. This is why the Internet, and cross-border networking, has become key in empowering patient advocates, exchanging information and best practice between the groups, and start collaboration across languages and countries. CML Advocates Network is a unique global platform that allows CML patient support groups to share best practice and information as well as build alliances on different topics.
The groups support each other on issues like access to treatment, monitoring, information and more. The top feature of the platform is the best practice sharing among CML groups from different parts of the world.
The key issue is getting the networking between groups going, not a one-to-many platform where a small number of people communicate to the audience.”

The Cancer on the Internet Award is an original initiative of the European School of Oncology and is supported by matching funds. The Award is sponsored by ESO’s private donors, whilst the organisation and promotion of the project are made through an unrestricted educational grant provided in exclusive partnership with Novartis Oncology.


Faculty list



M. Aapro, CH
M. Gospodarowicz, CA
Y. Quintana, US
E. Trimble, US
D. Wiljer, CA



19 August 2010
15:15 - 16:15
Room Rose Hall 3







Cure4Kids – A Global Online Education and Informatics Network
Y. Quintana, Us
Designing a web portal to facilitate multinational collaboration in cancer clinical trials
E. Trimble, US
Informing, Activating, Motivating Cancer Survivors: Online Systems that Make it Happen
D. Wiljer, CA
ESO – Cancer on the Internet 2010 Award giving and presentation
Presentation on the Award winner by Giora Sharf (CML Advocates Network - www.cmladvocates.net)