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Masterclass in Palliative Cancer Care

Not eligible for ESCO credits

06.10.2007  -  10.10.2007

Tbilisi, Georgia


Palliative care


The characteristics of the Masterclass is a 3 days residential educational event addressed to 50 participants of the Black Sea Area, a full immersion with an international faculty of experts delivering lectures focusing on the main aspects of palliative care (from the definition of advanced cancer patient to the role of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, symptom control, pain management, communication, ethical, social and economical aspects, etc.). The Masterclass is designed to offer a unique learning experience and will expose participants of the Black Sea region to a full spectrum of issues in palliative care; it will offer both plenary lectures and co-ordinated working groups, case presentations and discussions between the faculty and the audience.

The Masterclass offers plenary lectures with state-of-the-art treatments concluded in take-home messages, Tutor co-ordinated working groups with the Masterclass Chair, case presentations by participants and discussions with the faculty and the audience. All participants will reside at the course venue and participation is compulsory throughout the course. The Masterclass will be entirely in English and fluency in English is necessary for admission.