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Oncology for Medical Students

Not eligible for ESCO credits

05.09.2004  -  11.09.2004

Ioannina, Greece


Medical / clinical oncology


The course is dedicated to:
- Sixth-year medical students
- European and non-European medical students
- Fifty medical students selected by ESO Committee

Format of the event:
- Five days (Monday-Friday)
- The programme covers all spectrum of oncology
- It includes presentation and discussion of clinical cases
- The official language is English

The course is organised in co-operation with the University of Ioannina, Greece, with the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer and is ESMO labelled.

ESO wishes to thank to the Association of Medical Schools in Europe for their assistance in the promotion of the course.

General information

Registration and accommodation

(the application deadline is passed: 11 June, 2004)

Free registration and accommodation by competitive applications (deadline 11 June, 2004). Students rooms will be provided in the University Campus, a 5-minute walk from the teaching amphitheatre.

Selected students should cover their own travel expenses. 

Working schedule
The programme will start on Monday, 6 September, at 9:00 hrs and end on Friday, 10 September, at 16:00 hrs.

Contact details
Prof. Nicholas Pavlidis
ESO Balkans and Middle East
School of Medicine, Dept. Medical Oncology
University Hospital of Ioannina
GR-45110 Ioannina, Greece
tel/fax: 00 30 26510 99394
e-mail: mideast@esoncology.org

How to reach Ioannina
By airplane from Athens or Thessaloniki (40 minute flight) with Olimpic or Aegean Airlines
By boat from Ancona or Brindisi (Italy) to Igoumenitsa Port (Greece) and then by bus to Ioannina (1-hour drive, 80 km)
By bus from Athens or Thessaloniki (5/6-hour drive, 400km)

The oranisers bear no responsabilities for untoward events in connection with, before, during and after the course. Participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal and travel insurance coverage.