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Oncology for Medical Students

Not eligible for ESCO credits

22.07.2006  -  28.07.2006

Ioannina, Greece


Medical / clinical oncology


The course is dedicated to:
- Sixth-year medical students
- European and not-European medical students
- Forty medical students selected by ESO Committee

Format of the event
The five-day programme covers all spectrum of oncology, including clinical picture, staging, prognostic factors, surgery, radiotherapy, systemic therapy, presentation and discussion of clinical cases. Participants will take tests on a daily basis.

- Introduction to clinical oncology
- Emergencies in oncology
- Introduction to clinical trials
- Paraneoplastic syndromes
- Brain tumors
- Breast cancer
- Gynaecological cancers (ovarian, uterus, cervix)
- Gastrointestinal cancers (colon, gastric, pancreas, liver)
- Lung cancer
- Head and neck cancer
- Lymphomas
- Urogenital tumors (prostate, testicular)

The three participants with the highest score at the course exams will have the opportunity to be assigned an ESO Student Fellowship. The Fellowship consists in support for the recipient to spend one month training at the department of the core faculty of his/her choice.

The course is held in collaboration with the University of Ioannina, Greece

General information

Organising Secretariat
Chatrina Melcher
ESO Bellinzona Office
IOSI Building, Ospedale Reg. Bellinzona e Valli
CH-6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland
phone: +41 91 811 8050 fax: +41 91 811 8051
e-mail: eso2@esoncology.org

Journal of EMSA (European Medical Students Association) on Medical and Scientific Affairs, JEMSA is a European journal in English language open to students and young doctors from all fields of medicine and related research. JEMSA holds a unique place in publishing European medical students' scientific articles and other papers, since the journal is edited and produced by medical students for medical students. An author helpful policy is applied and assistance is offered to less epxerienced authors, assisting authors in the preparation of their manuscripts for teh peer-review process. For more information, please contact the JEMSA Editor-in-Chief jemsa@emsa-europe.org
A presentation of JEMSA is scheduled during the course.

How to reach Ioannina
By airplane from Athens or Thessaloniki (40-minute flight) with Olympic or Aegean Airlines
By boat from Ancona or Brindisi (Italy) to Igoumenitsa Port (Greece) and then by bus to Ioannina (1-hour drive, 80 km)
By bus from Athens or Thessaloniki (5/6-hour drive, 400 km)

The organisers bear no responsibilities for untoward events in connection with, before, during and after the course. Participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal and travel insurance coverage.