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3rd Familial Cancer Conference

Not eligible for ESCO credits

05.06.2008  -  06.06.2008

Madrid, Spain


Medical / clinical oncology



Poster abstract deadline 1 MAY 2008

You may submit your abstract to the Organising Secretariat online at: WWW.CNIO.ES/MEETINGS

Instructions for abstract submission
Participants with new data relevant to the subject of the conference may submit one abstract to
be considered for poster presentation. Only papers whose abstracts have been reviewed and
approved by the conference co-ordinator will be presented.
Abstracts should be written in English and the text should not exceed 2000 characters (or 450
words), title included.
The title should appear in capital letters.
For each author, type surname first, followed by first name and initials (presenting author in
capital letters).
List affiliations after the author's list.
Indicate 3-5 keywords at the end of the text.
The full address with telephone, fax number and email of the corresponding author must be
provided. This author will receive all the subsequent communication concerning this abstract.
Please also indicate your approval for publication in case the abstracts are issued in a journal.

Please activity_note: Only abstracts submitted by registered participants will be accepted. Please do not
forget to mark on the registration form that you have submitted an abstract.
6 posters will be selected for the oral presentation that will take place on the 5 June.
It is the responsibility of the presenting author to ascertain whether all authors are aware of the
content of the abstract before submission.

General information

The official language of the conference will be English. No simultaneous translation will be

All participants will be issued with a certificate of attendance at the close of the conference.

The badge is the only official evidence of registration and should be worn at all times during the
conference. Loss of badge means loss of registration.

The organisers bear no responsibility for untoward events in connection with, before, during and
after the conference. Participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal and travel
insurance coverage.