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Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Not eligible for ESCO credits

31.05.2008  -  02.06.2008

Isole di Brissago, Switzerland


Haemato-oncology, Leukaemia, Lymphoma


Dear Colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to attend the 2008 ESO Advanced course on leukaemia and lymphoma.

For more than a decade now, this course has become a well known venue for physicians with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of haematological cancers.

The international faculty members will guide us through the complexity of the biology and important clinical problems in lymphomas, offering interactive case-presentations, small group seminars, and ample discussion slots.
There will also be opportunities for informal exchange of ideas and views among the participants and the experts.
For the first time, the course is located on a fresh water lake island, i.e. on the Brissago Islands of the Lake Maggiore, within a beautiful Botanic Garden near Ascona, in the lovely Italian-speaking South of Switzerland.

We believe it is the first leukaemia/lymphoma  course ever and world-wide to be held in such a particular and duly spectacular setting.
We look forward to welcoming you there, Yours sincerely,

Martin F. Fey, MD
Course Chair

The course is held under the auspices of OncoSuisse

General information

Organising secretariat
Chatrina Melcher, European School of Oncology, Bellinzona Office
Ospedale Regionale, CH-6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland
Tel: +41 91 811 8050, Fax: +41 91 811 8051, e-mail: cmelcher@eso.net

Hotel accommodation
Fondazione Monte Verità - Via Collina 84, CH-6612 Ascona, Switzerland
Tel: +41 91 785 4042 4040, Fax: +41 91 91 785 4050, e-mail: info@monteverita.org

The course will be held on the Brissago Island (Isole di Brissago), located on the Lake Maggiore, 15-minute boat transfer from Ascona, Southern Switzerland.
Hotel accommodation has been pre-booked in Ascona. Please see the paragraphs Hotel accommodation and Transfers for further details.

Airport transfers are described in "registration"

Profile of the participants
The course is dedicated to postgraduate medical doctors at any stage of clinical career who have an interest in haematological oncology. A mix of experienced clinicians or pathologists etc., and oncology/haematology trainees is welcome. Scientists (PhD) are very welcome too, but they should be advised that the course will rather emphasise clinical problems than basic biology.

Learning objectives
After the course the participants should be able to:
Identify the current clinical problems in haematological cancers as well as the “burning research questions