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15 May


E. Senkus-Konefka
, PL - M. Krzakowski, PL

 End of life issues - management of key symptoms in dying: pain, breathlessness, secretions, restlessness
N. Sykes, UK
 Modern standards of colorectal cancer treatment in elderly patients
E. van Cutsem, BE 
 Satellite session I 
 Coffee break 
 An illustrated guide to solid tumor response assessment in the era of molecularly targeted therapy (RECIST 1.1.)
S. Gwyther, UK 
 Is superior vena cava syndrome really an acute emergency and how it should be managed?
M. Krzakowski, PL 
 Practical remarks on management of malignant pleural effusion
M. Krzakowski, PL 
 Satellite session II 
 Lunch break 
Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) in cancer patients - presentation of technique
F. Alba Mesa, ES
 Diagnostic consultation, education and research in Armed Forces Institute of Pathology since 1862
J. Lasota, US 
 Military oncology - is military service a risk factor for malignancy?
G. Macfarlane, UK 
 GIST revolution - past, present and future research
J. Lasota, US 
 Modern approach to renal cell cancer in the era of molecular targets
C. Szczylik, PL 
 Coffee break 
 Technical tips for breast surgery - simple and effective oncoplastic maneuvers
J. van der Hage, NL
 How to manage chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting with modern antiemetic drugs? ESMO Guidelines and future perspectives
F. Roila, IT 
 Closing remarks 

Program is subject to change, please check the website regularly for updates